Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Legoland Malaysia

I'm back after a long hiatus (I apologise :'( ). Midterms had been running for about 9 consecutive weeks – insane! It just ended and I can finally take a breather. Not for long though cause finals are in two weeks :O

Thank God for great company who made Legoland bearable:)
(L-R): Sylvia, Hin Fan, Yao Hui, Anna, Hadi, Me, Grace, Faiz, Karlo, Wesley
I've been an awfully boring person – never thought I'd be spending my Friday and Saturday nights doing work at home and Sundays studying with Michelle after morning yoga classes. 

Also never thought that I would no longer be able to fit into my favourite shorts (3 pairs and counting!) because I put on weight. YES I'VE FINALLY MANAGED TO PUT ON WEIGHT :D Well it's either muscle mass from all that yoga or all the food I've been consuming due to stress. Happy about the  inches but still mourning over the loss of my collar bones:( Guess you can't have it all...

Before the midterm-madness, I managed to spare one of my Sundays to go to Legoland with the A&F peeps. We bought the $60+ (can't remember the exact price) Groupons which included 2-way transportation as well as Legoland tickets (which I think are ridiculously overpriced). Wasn't worth it at all and I wouldn't go back. Perhaps we weren't their target audience. Okay who am I kidding we definitely aren't the target audience lolol. Grace and I were jokingly saying how we should ditch Legoland for Hello Kitty World and Johor Premium Outlets instead.

The rides were really just meant for kids (no kick at all -_-) but I must say, the Lego structures were pretty impressive. All in all, I wouldn't recommend it. I'd much rather go to USS for the price!

Haha this girl's mom made us dance with her for her all around the world school project. The boys being ever so sporting!

Just, yknow, chillin'.

Presenting Manhunt 2012's first runner up ;)

Cute lego mural in the girls' bathroom haha.

Grace, "Pretend to eat his breadsticks!"
Me, "*pretends to eat breadsticks* No this doesn't look right I'll pretend to roll some dough instead."

Too shmexy hahaha. The Lego man actually snores btw.

Lego Gangnam Style hahahaha. Loved this! The chick in white even had Lego boobs.



More Singapore...

And more. Pretty cool!


Let's have fun and be safe kids ;) hahaha

Loved the (overpriced) Lego storage boxes!

Really wanted this pretty unicorn but so expensive :(:(

4D movie, which sucked btw. It was a huge auditorium which meant that there was so much potential for it to be more 4D. The only 4D features were mists of water and wind -_- 
Even the Spongebob 4D movie I watched in Las Vegas' Circus Circus amusement park had rocking chairs, crabby patty scents and this thing that protrudes out of the chair to poke you – and that was in a tiny auditorium. 
This one was so boring, a few of us (me included) fell asleep. 

Duck face.

Faiz and I fell asleep on this uber slow moving tram too lol.


Taking shelter cause it started to pour. Twice. 

"L for Legoland!!!" Hahahaha

And I shall end with my favourite photo of the day^^

Will update this space soon, shall proceed to churn out more posts now that I have the time! X


  1. Hey Collette, may I ask where did you get your sweat pants from and how much does it costs? I doubt Singapore sells it right?

  2. @anon: Hi! Mine's from Hollister, costs about S$60+? Abercrombie & Fitch Singapore has quite a good selection! Love the skinny fit :) They cost about $98 and up?