Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Salon Vim

I've always liked having new things to start a new year. Back when I was in primary/secondary school, I insisted on having new schoolbags, pencil cases etc. As I journeyed into adulthood, I felt like I needed a new look haha. I started by growing out my bangs (now I look less like a kid, but I miss it sooo much :( ) And to celebrate my 20th, no-longer-a-teenager birthday, I made a trip to Salon Vim for yet another hair makeover.

This was how my hair looked like before, unstyled:  

Centre-part, curls at the ends (which I adored!), dark brown colour which inevitably faded over the months.
I liked my centre parting because it kinda "framed" my face and didn't make my forehead look so high haha. The curls gave my hair texture and volume. 

But I decided on change, so...


Glossy dark straight hair it is!

It's nothing drastic but I think my change of parting makes me look quite different! I had half a mind to get Kat to cut bangs again for me, but decided against it haha.

Kat did the usual Redken Chemistry Cocktail treatment for me (read more about the treatment here: and used a mixture of chocolate brown and ash brown by Loreal majibrown to colour my hair. 

I also got her to cut away an inch because my ends were getting dry. What made it so glossy was the amazing Loreal Mythic Oil (see my tutorial here:

Here's the new side part which needed some getting used to at first (very conscious of my forehead:/)

My stubborn fringe is dead straight and wouldn't curl the way I want it to, so Kat recommended I perm it on my next visit^^

Well I know it's unfair to show you fresh-outta-the-salon pictures, so here are some casual pictures to prove that my hair looks equally good^^

My manager said that I look more sophisticated with this hair haha yay ^^v

Thank you, Kat, once again for yet another awesome hair makeover!

To make an appointment, contact Salon Vim at 6884 7757 or 6884 7767 and ask for Kat :)

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