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Finally FINALLY posting up photos from my China/HK trip 3 months ago haha. Yes I blame school again. UB is really pretty crazy. Just when I thought I ended mid-terms last week and could relax this week, reality hits me in the face like a pancake – midterms II are on from next Wednesday to the following Wednesday. SO MISERABLE :'(((

I've also been very annoyed about my holidays (or the lack of it). Not sure if I've already mentioned it (it bothers me every single day) but my longest holiday is only 4 weeks long (this December). Followed by a 1 week holiday in May and a 2 week holiday in August. What on Earth...?! Just fast forward to December alreadyyyyy :(

Ok back to the topic! Went to China/Hong Kong with my mom (my best travel buddy) before Uni started. Our itinerary was as follows: Macau --> Zhuhai --> Hong Kong --> Shenzhen --> Macau.
We took so many buses/ferries/trains to get to and from places, I don't even remember the details anymore.

Arrived in Macau at about 7pm, but since we were going to Zhuhai for 2 days, we had to cross the Zhuhai border (about half an hour from the Macau airport if I'm not wrong). Was annoyed as it is lugging my bags on the public bus which was crowded as hell. To make matters worse, the huge immigration hall at the Macau-Zhuhai border was PACKED. At that point of time I just wanted to cry, turn back and get a hotel in Macau. The discourteous PRCs certainly didn't make the situation any better – they kept cutting queues and picking fights with each other (I realised that this happens > once a day throughout my stay in China). After 40mins, we got through immigration – i expected it to take much longer considering the insane queues). Reached Zhuhai starving, so we had Kungfu (this fastfood joint in China which I grew to loveee) at the Gongbei Underground Shopping Mall. Needless to say, I wolfed down my food (couldn't afford to take pictures of it cause we were running short of time) so that I could go chiong my shopping.

Only had time to take pictures when we got to the hotel haha. Here it is!

It was pretty nice, except for the fact that the bathtub was kinda next to the bed, which was kinda weird. Was watching the Olympics while soaking in the tub haha. And clearly this room, along with many other hotels/hotel rooms in China, was designed for couples.

Slightly awkward since I was sharing a room with mom... :S


Shopped a little more the next day before heading to Hong Kong via ferry. Was so mad because we paid extra for Business Class seats but was told that the seats were all the same upon boarding. So we got stuck on Economy Class and couldn't get a refund >:(
The water was so choppy that even I felt sick (I used to have very bad motion sickness as a child. However, I'm convinced that I've thrown up a lifetime's worth of puke because I no longer puke on violently moving vehicles). So many passengers were throwing up :S :S

Finally got to Hong Kong – felt like civilisation because it's so much like Singapore.

Got reminded of Michelle and my London trip. *Nostalgic* Take me back :'((((

Checked into our super cute hostel in the late afternoon! HopInn at Carnavon. It's such a central location, just a stone's throw away from Tsim Tsha Tsui MTR.


HAHA. Such a bad picture. I'm supposed to look angry (evidently, I don't get angry often).

Anddddd shopping starts! First stop, Hollister. The queue was so ridiculous -_- When I left the store there was absolutely no more queue. ALWAYS HAPPENS! My only consolation was my two bags of new clothes. Retail therapy really cures almost anything.

Yummy congee and really good soy milk for dinner, at Temple Street!

Explored the hostel the next morning...

Nice chill/games/DVD area. Borrowed American Pie to watch with mom that night. Yeahhhhh... bad idea. Didn't remember it having THAT much sexual content (wanted to die while watching omg). 

OOTD – new clothes haha. And my most expensive pair of shorts (from Hollister) which I think is a good investment. 

UK's Prêt! *Nostalgia nostalgia*

Actually went to queue outside A&F an hour before the store opened on the second day -_- After leaving the store an hour later, there was absolutely NO QUEUE. AGAIN. Sigh my luck. Didn't manage to bump into Muhimin (the only local shirtless greeter who got sent to the HK opening), who only texted me to hang out that night when I reached my hotel. What luck! On a brighter note, got to feast my eyes on the other international models hahaha ;);)

Apple store in HK!

Reminded me of the hours I spent in (and out, in the cold) Caesar's Palace queuing for the iPad2. Can't wait to go back to Vegas – Dec 2013!

A friend said that Tim Ho Wan is a must-try in Hong Kong. So we headed to the one at Hong Kong station. It didn't look impressive (I expected a traditional Hong Kong Dim Sum teahouse) but for someone who doesn't like Dim Sum, they were really good. 

Pret A Manger for tea! Love their yogurts, wraps and soups^^

Took the MTR to the Hong Kong - Shenzhen border. Was quite easy to get around!

Honestly, I didn't know that there were metros in Shenzhen so I was really impressed when I discovered how sophisticated their metro actually was. This (above) is their Single Journey Ticket, it's so cute! You tap the coin to enter and deposit it into the slot to exit.

Checked into our hotel – Sunon Holiday Villas. Again, super convenient cause it was located in the town (shopping haha) area.

Condoms by the bedside again *cringe*. Must they display it so openly!!

THIS IS KUNGFU! Favourite fast food joint:) 

Steamed rice and steamed soups. My favourite!

Omg missing this so much!! Note that they don't serve in disposables but in double walled bowls instead. 

Headed to the food hall in one of the malls in Dongmen and spotted these...

I don't eat oysters ordinarily because they have a saliva-ry texture and taste too fishy. But this... I HAD to try because the garlic smelled soooo good.

Mom so cute here haha. The oysters were SO SO SO GOOD. Singapore needs to have this. 

Meat skewers, really yummy too! Didn't understand why they needed to use such long sticks though haha. 

Stephen Chow's famous Pissing Beef Balls. It's called Pissing Beef Balls cause the soup squirts (can't find a better word to replace this haha) out when you bite into it. Ridiculously tasty too!


Hahaha "Water Ice Kind" and "Hot & Ice Juice Kind" wtf. 

Forgot how we made our way to Macau but...we did haha. Also forgot which hotel we stayed in (seemed pretty insignificant since it wasn't The Venetian or Sands or anything). Agreed to go to Macau only cause mom convinced me that it was "like Vegas" and "since you loved Vegas you'll like Macau!". No. Really didn't like Macau. It was boring as hell and the "Strip" was not at all impressive. Also , I spent the whole time trying to figure out how their native language sounded, since all their road names sounded very Spanish though it was supposed to be Portuguese/Macanese. Somehow everyone just spoke Mandarin and Cantonese-_-

Time to explore!

Wong Chi Kei's a famous restaurant at Senado Square. I like the old teahouse atmosphere and the food was good too:)

Crab porridge! Was good but I was hoping for a bigger crab haha.

The Senado Square area reminded me very much of Europe, except that the heat in Macau was blistering haha. 

Walking along the Strip...

Wynn was really pretty, I have to admit. 

The attraction inside Wynn.

MGM Macau


MGM Vegas. I actually preferred how MGM Macau looked, probably cause it's newer.

Haha Hard Rock hotel

Lol purposely centralised mom's head so she looks like she's got funny stuff on her head ;D

Geez so hiao haha

One of the better human statues I've seen (forgot which hotel this was taken at)! Thought he was really a statue till I got closer. 

Hahahaha got trolled and I didn't even know.



Venetian Vegas

Check out the difference in water colours haha. The faux river in Macau is so much bigger than the one in Vegas, but they don't do anything in it-_-

Inside the Venetian.

Lord Stow's famous Portuguese egg tarts!

Klutzy me dropped the whole tart after taking the picture. My life. 

Super yummy but too oily for my liking. Wouldn't have a second helping.

Just le me camwhoring with my then-new hair haha. 

So the verdict: 
Though China left me bad impressions of the PRCs, I'd definitely go back for the shopping and food. Kungfu (fast food), to be specific:) Liked Hong Kong a little more now that I found places to shop at as compared to three years ago when mom, Daryl and I were just roaming the streets aimlessly. Would definitely like to go back to Hong Kong soon too:) Can't say the same about Macau though!
As ushz, if you've got any questions about the aforementioned places, feel free to email me and I'll reply to the best of my abilities:)

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