Saturday, October 27, 2012

Big Two-Oh

Yet another birthday celebrated with Grace – happy 10 years of friendship supamodalz! Since we turn 21 next year, and enter official adulthood, we decided to party this year. 

7 years and counting! <3 these girls to death.

Got a table at Velv Lounge (thanks Ron!), some drinks and...

 Sotong balls hahaha #forevereating. Zouk's sotong balls are SOOOO good though!

Cake from Gwen! Was so touched and pleasantly surprised :') Thanks hammyyyy<3

WE'RE 20

With Ron, who helped us with the planning (thanks soooo much!).

Flaming from Utama (just look at his cheeky face omg). 

Shared by three cause we didn't wanna die that night hahaha.

Was a great night, need to do it again!

The next day, birthday parTEA haha but everyone arrived at dinner time -_-

Prepared salad (I actually really like chicken breast)

Tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole

Mushroom soup (not from scratch though :( )

Steak sliders (so goodddddd). 
Spent most of our time taking photos hahaha. I actually set up my ring light for this (photos at the end of this entry).

Birthday dinner at Seki with mom, cousin and uncle Aaron. The sashimi was surprisingly not bad, everything else was so-so though.

Happy birthday me! Went for my birthday dinner straight after studying sigh I look so tired here.

ANDDDD for the birthday photos! These are just a few of my favourites :)

Pearly whites^^



Evelina. HAHA when we went back to STC all the teachers said that she should join Miss Universe hahahaha.

Lol Jolene

Kailyn. So Kardashian haha.

Amanda! Straight A's and Law school student *such a proud friend*.

Vicky so prettyyyy

Andddd that pretty much sums up my 20th birthday:) Till next time xx

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