Sunday, October 7, 2012

Here’s a short update on what I did on my birthday! For some reason I (Grace too, actually) was really really excited for my celebration at night. I had school in the day (bummer). Then I had a lovely dinner at Little Diner with Erin, Mandy and Michelle. It’s a really cozy eatery at 6th Ave, with minimal decoration and too many Ikea furniture haha. The pastas we ordered were pretty good, though the truffle pasta couldn’t beat the one at Cacio e Pepe.

Risotto balls which were so-so

Mac 'n' cheese which was...jelat

This was quite good! Except I forgot what it was called haha.


Truffled pasta!

Headed to Grace’s house after to get ready. We started doing our hair and makeup 3 hours before – imagine our excitement!

That was us all ready for the big night!
In love with this set of photos btw.

As you can see, MY HAIRSTYLE IS DIFFERENT! That’s cause I went to get it done 2 days before my birthday – I just had to have new hair for my birthday. Got it done at Salon Vim, as usual (my very kind sponsor from Gushcloud). More on that soon;)

Finally, Grace & I headed down to Zouk for the celebration! Got everyone stamped and the partying started. Well…not quite. Haha while other people were buying drinks at the bar, I was having super yummy, piping hot sotong balls inside, and cheesy sausage and mash at the hot dog stand outside. It is important to not drink on an empty stomach. The celebration was at Velvet Lounge, so it was pretty chill, no crazy binge drinking. In fact, all I need is good company, like these girls <3

I’m not keen on the idea of getting wasted when I’m all dressed up, especially not in public places. I always seeing party goers lying down outside the clubs throwing up all over themselves. Definitely not a pleasant sight! It’s even worst for the girls who unknowingly flash their undies in the process (and sometimes get caught on Stomp! Yikes!)

credits: STOMP

Pervy guys also use this time to take advantage of girls who are drunk and unaware of their surroundings. I’ve seen a drunk girl lying outside a club before and surrounded by a group of boys who were feeling her up in public. I felt so sorry for the girl, so I immediately informed the bouncer. I’m sure no one would like to end up in that state.

For this, I always aim to be the last man standing whenever I party with my friends. At least when they’re high and wobbly, I’m always there to take care and look out for them.

See! We’re last men standing! Hahaha. Even though it was the night of my birthday, I wasn’t wasted and was still completely aware of everything that was happening around me. I was even capable of carrying out a conversation when I got home. Go me!

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  1. Hi! Do you happen to remember the name of the restaurant in your photos above?