Monday, September 17, 2012

Last Man Standing

Last Wednesday, I had the honour of attending the Last Man Standing event at Zirca. Just like its name suggests, the purpose of the campaign is to challenge party-goers to leave the club sober at the end of the night – to be the Last Man Standing. This campaign was done in collaboration with Health Promotion Board (HPB) to discourage clubbers from binge drinking because getting wasted and falling all over the place by the end of the night just isn't a pleasant sight. In support of this partnership, Zirca takes certain measures such as training club staff to encourage patrons to go easy on their drinks, delay or stop serving alcohol to intoxicated patrons and providing breathalyser tests, just to name a few.

I attended last year's Last Man Standing event too, but I heard that this year's would be a little different so I made my way to said location not knowing what to expect. Upon arrival, I was told that there will be a mocktail competition in which Xubin and myself will be participating in.

First reaction: Omg, XUBIN?!

(Credits: google images)

Also learnt that our competitors would be Fidelis & Tommy Wee (Influencers) and Joanne Peh & Pornsak (no introduction needed here I'm sure!). I'd like to count myself lucky to be able to rub shoulders with these celebs!
Why mocktails instead of other drinks? You may ask. That's because mocktails will be a house speciality at Zirca and served at discounted prices. Alternating your alcoholic drinks with mocktails is a great way of pacing yourselves!

On one of the posters – Joanne Peh and Pornsak to make an appearance!

Preparing for the event in an empty Zirca (which didn't stay empty for long haha).

Wrist tags! Haha had fun with these^^

Went out to check out the Last Man Standing breathalyser booth in the middle of Clarke Quay and boy was it packed! Nice to know that party-goers are interested in finding out their sobriety. Enroute back into Zirca and was pleasantly surprised to find this on the table:

I felt so important hehe :')


With my partner, Xubin. Be jealous, girls!! ;)

And so the Mixology crash course begins with the award-winning Mixologist, Kenny, sharing with us some tips and tricks. And yes, that's celebrity Belinda Lee behind the bar (she was the emcee for the night) and Joanne Peh leaning in.

Xubin and I finally decided on something refreshing and sour, to sober you up if you had one too many drinks. We chose a mixture of mojito mint, lime juice, lime cordial and sweet and sour, and topped the martini glass with lime and pineapple ^^

Backstage, while waiting for the event to commence!

Kiasu/paranoid me going through the ingredients list again cause I was afraid I'd forget on stage.

Fidelis and Tommy getting their game face on.

And here's Tommy, being the editor that he is, giving creative suggestions on what to name our drink haha.

Xubin and I, a bundle of nerves. Though I honestly don't know why he's nervous when he probably has done this countless times haha!

And the show begins......

TADAHHHH! Presenting, Sour Hour (yknow like, Happy Hour? Haha). Evon came up with the name after Xubin and I racked our brains for an hour. Initially, Belinda was skeptical about it cause she thought it'd be awfully, unpleasantly sour. But she was surprised to find it really yummy. At the end of the show, she also revealed that ours was her favourite concoction :D #score!

The judges taking their mocktail shot.

Belinda looking very pleased with our mocktail ^^

Us waiting for the results...

Tommy and Fidelis won Most Creative Mocktail,

Joanne and Pornsak won the Judges Choice,

and Xubin & I won Healthiest Mocktail! How often can you find a healthy, yummy drink huh?

A final group picture before we move to the Last Man Standing breathalyser booth. Found a fun photobooth and had fun with it! Do note that all of us were completely sober, though some of our actions may seem drunk haha.

And here are the ones from the official photobooth camera. The lighting was soooo good, I actually looked okay with mascara as my only form of eye makeup:


With the Last Man Standing hunk & babe, who were manning the booth.


Queuing to try out the machine!

Awesome amateur mixologist partner:)

My turn!

Secretly confident that I'll walk away as Last Man Standing haha ;)



There are 5 levels of sobriety:

LAST MAN STANDING – 0% – 0.019%
(0mg - 19mgo)
TICKLED PICKLED – 0.02% – 0.039%
(20mg -39mgo)
DITZY BABBLER – 0.04% – 0.059%
(40mg -59mgo)
GIDDY GUZZLER – 0.06% – 0.079%
(60mg -79mgo)

DRUNKENSTEINED – 0.08% and above 

(80mg and above) BINGE DRINKING!! 

Haha it pays to be the Last Man Standing – I won a H&M gift card :)


And our prize? A shiny shaker to make more mocktails for home parties!

Besides these awesome gifts, I also took home an important message: a fun night is not about how much alcohol you've had. Instead, it's about who you're with (good company) and what you're doing (dancing the night away)! So there is absolutely no point in binge drinking (did I mention that it's a huge waste of money as well?).
You too, should keep this in mind because it just isn't cool to be seen throwing up on yourself and stumbling all over the road. 

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