Friday, August 17, 2012

Salon Vim

I made yet another trip to Salon Vim, determined to straighten my hair for good due to work requirements – they just prefer me with straight hair actually :( Was dreading the trip to Salon Vim cause I really didn't want to straighten my hair – it looks too flat for my liking. 
My hairdresser Kat sat me down as usual, examined my hair and said that I required a treatment as well (my hair ends were terrible). Then she asked, "Do you want to perm just the ends of your hair instead of having it (dead) straight?" 
I couldn't resist. "OKAY :DDD", I said. Clearly not giving two hoots about the "Look Policy" at work. Anyway, I fully trust Kat to make my hair look good ;) Besides, I had ALWAYS wanted curls at the ends of my hair, but other hairdressers have told me it wouldn't last, so my mom never agreed.

Before I explain about my treatments, here are the Loreal Professionnel hair trends of 2012 for your reference:

Montaigne Chic


Elysees Elegant


Versaille Classic


Saint-Honore Stylish


Opera Seductive


Vendome Romantic

My previous hairstyle: Vendome Romantic (or at least close to it)
My current hair style: a cross between Elysees Elegant and Opera Seductive

These trends are all very Parisian, and inspired by the fashion capitol itself (hence, the hairstyles are named after places in Paris). Aren't you itching to take a trip to the salon to get yourself a new trendy hairstyle already?
Check out how mine turned out, here we go... 


First step was to soft rebond using the Loreal Professionnel inner link hair re-binding treatment and X-tenso smoothing cream.

Had my hair wrapped in cling wrap for quite awhile before Kat rolled the ends of my hair and applied the curling lotion for a short while.


Did the same Redken treatment as the last time. I really like how you can customise your own treatment! Read more about the Redken Chemistry Cocktail in my previous Salon Vim post here.
My concoction for the session: A mix of Extreme (for distressed or mechanically weakened hair) and all soft (for dry/brittle hair).

And I took home with me an all-natural Macadamia shampoo and hair mask! I told Kat that I still had some more Loreal Professionnel Vitamino Colour shampoo and hair mask from my last visit.
But she mentioned that it is essential to use a different shampoo/hair mask that targets another aspect of the hair – in this case, my new curls! Tip for you girls ;) 


Also took home 2 bottles of Loreal Professionnel Mythic Oil! I've been using the Mythic Oil (left) since I had my hair permed the last time and it had been a daily essential from then on. The bottle on the right is new to me – The Mythic Oil Milk. They're both of a different consistency – the Mythic Oil is a thick oily substance that surprisingly neither leaves your hair nor hand oily after application! In fact, it makes your hand really smooth (and smell good too!). To be used after blow drying. The Mythic Oil Milk is a liquid mixture that you spritz directly onto your hair after you towel dry. Read on for a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the Mythic Oils:)

The "unveiling" of the final product is ALWAYS the most exciting...

TADAH!!! Was so so soooo happy when I saw this picture/my hair in the mirror. I think I've FINALLY found the hairstyle I've always been looking for. 

Without flash, under yellow light, which explains why my hair colour looks so light. BUT LOOK AT THOSE CURLS! 

Actual hair colour here.

Words cannot express how much I love my new hairstyle. After more than 3 weeks, I'm still lovin' it. Guess I'm gonna be sticking to this hairstyle for a while haha.


I know I look really bad in the above few photos (after work, no make up, in the salon for 4 hours) but THANK YOU KAT <3
And none of my managers at work said anything about my new hair. Means it's acceptable right?;) *HOORAY*

A step-by-step guide to using the Loreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Milk and Mythic Oil:

1) Towel Dry Hair

2) Separate hair into 2 sections and spritz approx. 2 pumps of Mythic Oil Milk onto each section. Rub it in.


3) Blow dry your hair. Or let it dry on its own if you please.

Tip: To make your curls more "elaborate", twirl each section and roll them up, as if you were twirling your hair into a bun. Hold it in your palm and blow dry (as seen in the photos below).

It should look like this:

4) Spritz two pumps of Mythic Oil onto your palm for each section of your hair. Rub it into your ends (priority!), then onto the rest of your hair by lightly running your fingers through your hair.

The Mythic Oils work like a charm. Check out my hair ends after 3 weeks – still as healthy! No frizz, no awkward, unsightly bends, no split ends and it doesn't feel or look dry at all.

Salon Vim is one of the five salons in Singapore to be designated by Loreal Professionnel as a flagship store - Bazaar Singapore
With such credentials, you can be rest assured that your hair will be well taken care of. 
Make a date with Salon Vim, call 6732-9388 to make your appointment:)


  1. Hey collette! how much did you do your hair for? Love those curls!!(:

    1. Hey there! It would cost $250 (soft rebonding)+$30/$50 (curls at the end) :)

  2. Okay thanks! May I ask how much are those mythic oil/milk cost?
    Saw you at shine theater before and you looked gorgeous!!

    1. It costs about $32-$38 if I'm not wrong! Not too sure though:/ and thank you you're too kind:')

  3. Hi! Where do you do your brows?