Monday, August 27, 2012


Hellooooo! I know I haven't posted a proper post in a longggg while this is it:)

So today was the first day of school, I don't know how I feel about it. On Mondays we have a ridiculous 5.5 hour break so please ask me out^^ Today was exceptionally tiring cause we started at 8.30am and ended at 8pm. The weather aggravated my sore throat I got from all the drinking, so now I'm down with a flu and cough as well -_- Currently feeling super nua so I better continue my post before I start typing like thissueiwpuqwihergn.

Here's what I was up to. China/HK photos will be in a separate post:)

OneDeg15 with the US cuzzies, their parents and mom for National Day:

Alyssa looks so grown up and pretty here:)


Hi ugly pic of me haha

GC Weekends (at Gushcloud's alley bar) for Silas' birthday:

Natalia popped by, what a pleasant surprise! :') Like old days<3

Weekly Overeasy date mates <3

Nat and Freda

Nat and JW

Narpal and vietnamese wife Freda hahaha

Birthday boy<3<3


Stellastory with Fai, who plays the triangle ;)

Enroute to Zouk! With Grace my fav clubbing kaki. 


We've made it a point to go for brunch every Sunday, and this time, we ended up at a very inconspicuous cafe disguised as a hardware shop, amongst other hardware shops at Lavender. This is owned by the Papa Palheta crew, a bunch of super creative people I must say!


Would DIE to own such a lovely place. 

Pretty latte art. But apparently the coffee can't beat Papa Palheta's ( I wouldn't know, I don't drink coffee).

Super pretty plate!

Lovely, lovely interior

How can it be so unglam yet classy at the same time?!

Baked eggs. Food wasn't worth it IMO


All in all it's just a really beautiful place. Great for chilling/chit-chatting over coffee (if you're a lover of it). Btw, the entrance is that old grey gate on the left!

GC Weekends for Sheena's birthday:

Happy Birthday Sheena! Haha caught tiptoe-ing ;)

Just one of Sheena's super awesome cake baked by her super talented friend, which I NEED to master for my own birthday!

Yayyy enroute to Zouk again...

Cousins! Silas and Sheena:)

Met Hammyyyyyy<3 Had 4 boys tell me that she's super cute, in 1 night ;) Hotstuff right here!

Grace my ushz party kaki


Omg that dude is totally checking Gwen's tush out.


Zouk on Saturday:

To support Gwen's event – NUS Science Bash and Grace's emceeing :) 

Guess whose sexy legs ;)

Enroute to Amanda's Warwick friends' apartment just across Zouk. How convenient! Happy 21st Birthday Chris!

Super cute Taiwanese-Brit! It's funny how most of them can speak Singlish fluently :O

Walked back to Zouk at 2am to find these two doctors...

Bye Greg and KC! Have fun in Med school, see you guys in 5 years! :'(((( Work will not be the same :'(

Just drunk Greg and his super effortlessly-pretty girlfriend.

Serene! And drunk Greg's hand.

Drunk KC and friend. Round 2 this weekenddddd!

Back to Silas' place with York Ying. In case you were wondering, she's Silas' brothers gf.


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