Friday, August 17, 2012

Live It Loud!

During family gatherings, my uncle (a former DJ) would tell me how random drug raids were conducted in clubs in the '80s. The parties would be forced to end for the night because many people were in possession of drugs.
Drug raids have since been unheard of and I thought: it's probably cause no one else does these things anymore. Besides, who needs drugs when you can have good clean fun in a club without them?

Boy, was I naive. Not too long ago, a friend was sentenced to prison for the possession and consumption of drugs. We were shocked. He was (and I'm sure he still is) big hearted, well-liked, and the most comical person I ever knew. We all felt he didn't deserve to be imprisoned given his personality. A prison cell isn't exactly the most fun place to be. But what made it worst was that he couldn't get along with the other convicts. As a result, he keeps to himself and spends time painting(apparently the other convicts nicknamed him "Picasso" haha) - an activity he enjoys.

Adopting a hobby is the best way to keep your mind off things.

I've always been more of a sports person, although I don't look like it. I played tennis in Secondary school and have been swimming since forever (I win awardS at every Sec school swim meet may I add haha ;)). Recently, I've been pretty obsessed over being fit. I try to drag Silas to the pool or to the tennis courts over the weekend because I insist on adopting a healthy lifestyle. If I can't convince him, I would take a jog alone - from rifle range road to bar bar black sheep (Bt Timah branch of course) and back. I love how therapeutic running can be! Sometimes, Silas' office would organise floorball or futsal sessions at The Cage - friendly competitions are always great for bonding! Being healthy is vital and having a toned body is a huge plus point ;) which is also why I intend to sign up for yoga lessons after I get back from my HK holiday - can't wait for that!

Jogging with Baileys

Trying to get Silas to adopt a healthy lifestyle!

Soaking up the sun

Very therapeutic solo jogging sessions.

Soaking up more sun!

If you're as occupied as me, you probably wouldn't have time to be tempted to try new (and dangerous) "activities" like taking drugs. Let me show you how harmful a small pill, or a tiny bag of "crystals" can be. Methamphetamine, they call it, or more commonly known as "Ice". 

(Taken from CNB Singapore)

It's one of the more popular party drugs which supposedly gives abusers "high" that you cannot get out of alcohol. But who cares about the temporary high when it gives you permanent damages to the heart and nerves, liver and kidney diseases, and abnormal behavior including scary hallucinations. If taken excessively, it might also cause fits, stroke and death.

Worth it? I think not.

Got time to spare? Pick up a new sport, or join Sportzamania, the anti-drug sports carnival held on 16th September at Sports Planet East Coast. Sportzamania is a Futsal carnival for youths under 25. Form a group of five to compete in knock-out rounds to qualify for the finals. If Futsal isn't your cup of tea, form teams of up to four to compete in 12 stations of Amazing Race challenges. Other highlights include carnival games, Drug Buster Academy (a mobile exhibition bus), performances, design contests and more. There are up to $10,000 worth of CA$H prizes to be won! The theme is Live It Loud with Sports, so dress up and get your game on;) 

Register or find out more here!

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