Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"The Double Agenda: 99% Sale" by Reebonz

The most exciting time of the year is here again. No it isn't Christmas, neither is it Chinese New Year. Let me give you a hint: it's got to do with my favorite word. SALE. And it's not just 20% or 50%, and not even 70%. It's a whopping 99% off. Did I get you excited yet? 

The sale we've all been waiting for...

If you don't already know what Reebonz is (though I highly doubt it), it's a website you can go to for luxury items at a fraction of the price. 
The catch? None at all. All you have to do is to be a member and you can gain access to all the events which are updated daily. Of course, with such jaw-dropping prices, you're gonna need quick fingers because bags fly off the virtual shelves even before you can say "Come to momma, Prada!". 
At the annual Reebonz sale, 100 of your favorite luxury items go on sale at 99% off, means you only pay 1% of the price :O 
Here are some of the items that will be going on sale:

(Seriously lusting over the Alexa and Pandora!!! :'((((( )
Stella McCartney
Tory Burch

Bet you guys are drooling over these lovely arm candies already! 
But sadly, not everyone will have the luxury (no pun intended) to enjoy the discount on these luxury bags. Interested parties need to play 2 stages of a game. Those who complete these 2 stages get access to the sale and shop for products at 99% off.

The first round of the game starts today (31st July), and the sale will commence on 7th August. 
For the first mission, participants have to share "The Reebonz 99% Double Agenda" app with 5 friends.
The steps for mission two will only be revealed later on;)

Head down to Reebonz to complete mission one! Don't forget to sign up as a member if you're not already one (otherwise you won't be able to view the mission). If you are a member and frequent Reebonz as much as I do, good on you - you can get cracking;)
Good luck Fashion Agents!

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