Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Feeling really busy lately but don't even know what I'm busy with:/ School's starting in about a months time and I'm having mixed emotions. Excited cause I can't wait to learn about the Summer School and UB NY programs, but dreading it at the same time cause I know I'll be swamped with assignments once school starts. Also, I don't wanna grow old:(
Here's how I spent my past few weekends. Weekends cause I don't really take photos during weekdays cause I'm always busy...doing something haha!


Phone stack at dinner! Such a brilliant idea. Haven't had engaging dinner conversations in a long time. The pink phone with the Stitch plug is obviously mine ^^v

It was late and we had no choice but to eat at Waraku. Wasn't good at all:(


Then it was off to Zouk. I think I look the worst when I'm drinking:( 

Oh hey look what we found! Don't know how it made its way there haha. 

Met the schoolmates Aish and Divya! It's been so long :')


Brunch with the girls the morning after. Hatched's poached eggs are so bad >:(


Welcome home Amanda!<3

Lol Evel being Evel

Otw to the LoveBonito sale


Managed to snag a few goodies at the sale:) These girls are always so fashionable – explains their choice of clothes on LoveBonito! Speaking of LoveBonito...


I managed to get my hands on this gorgeous dress from the Sheila Sim collaboration with LB! It was love at first sight (you'll know why later;)) and I picked mint green for a change cause I never really owned a green dress. I've still yet to find a "good enough" occasion to wear it to. 


It's structured yet stretchy. And the pockets are too cute – check out the little leatherette triangles and the sides of the pockets!


Open back, my fav! I spot a hot pink button too. Love little details like these:)

Anyway the stuff at LoveBonito are known to be snapped up within 5mins after launch, so be sure to stalk their Twitter and Facebook to stay in the know:)
You're in luck today though – the Daverton Dress (the gorgeous piece I'm wearing) is still available in 3 lovely colors so if you're interested, get it here :)

Sunday brunch #1, aka #soothingcoffeesunday. I don't drink coffee though...

Hey look, thats my instagram (collettemiles) ^^

Chiffon throw over with inner slip dress from the LoveBonito sale!

Last Friday at The Merry Men.

Lol new pose

Amanda and Grace<3

Truffle friessssss<3

My latest obsession with precious stones possessed me to get a pair of matching moonstone earrings as Amanda's birthday gift :3 Moonstone's my favorite precious stone!



Gorgeouzzz Steph!

Went for a 4-course truffle meal at The Tastings Room. First up, truffled mushroom soup, so good!

Next, truffle fries with truffled mayo, super duper good!

Then, truffled pasta. Could taste too much of the chicken stock, and it was too creamy :S Nahttt good. But highly recommend the other two. Didn't take a pic of my dessert cause they weren't truffled hahaha.

Saturday's chill out sesh at CMPB. Love how they serve complimentary bowls of soups when they're about to close, so comforting. The first time we went we had a chicken soup<3. The second time – Tomyam soup. Dear CMPB, alcohol and tomyam soup don't go.


Sunday brunch #2, at 40 hands.


Attempting "true love" shots hahaha.

Ok gotta go back to work, serious work no joke haha brb guys ;)


  1. hi babe! where did u buy the moonstone earrings from! I love them!!

    1. @swissgirls P.Ho creations at China Sq! I buy all my precious stones from there :3

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