Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bali Encore

Made another trip to Bali during my long break, i think it has become my favourite Asian travel destination. I've been spending too little time with Silas since he's started work – he works from 10am-10pm (sometimes even till 2am) from Mondays to Fridays, so I only get the weekends with him. Looks like I've got myself an army boyfriend :S So I urged him to take a coupla days off to go on a holiday with me, his brother and his brother's girlfriend.
We stayed in a 2 bedroom villa with a pool this time, as requested by Silas. It's called Villa BaliCosy, located between Legian and Seminyak, in a very ulu, rocky lane surrounded by Kampongs. Strange location but lovely (and new!) villa owned by a French Laosian lady. I love how she has her French accent on even when she speaks Bahasa. Speaking of which, I've yet to leave her a review on Trip Advisor :/
I highly recommend Villa BaliCosy, only bummed by the fact that there was no comforter on the beds (only sheets), and shampoo and toothpaste weren't provided! Pool water was cold too (but that one can't be helped I guess. We boiled water and poured it in hahaha, not any better).

The picture of the girl was really scary looking, so we removed the middle portion hahaha.


Everyday cui when I'm overseas.


Ed! Hahaha Lion King reference.



Jimbaran for dinner one night:


Dad, "sucks." He said that while taking the picture, cause he says he isn't photogenic hahaha!


Amazing, amazing sweet and spicy grilled corn.


Sex on a plate. These lalas were HUGE (doesn't look like it here I know) and super delicious.


Told you they were huge! 

We managed to catch the sunset :3


See, the meat fills the tablespoon, super huge and juicy!

Many locals would recommend Jimbaran for seafood, but they'll rip you off if you're a tourist. I'm not too sure about how much it'd cost cause my dad pays for it (and he's kinda like a local already so he gets it cheaper), but I think it should be worth it;)

Same tagline as Cold Storage! I actually think it IS Cold Storage cause the layout's exactly the same.



Super salty, MSG filled breakfast at one of those crappy cafes (catered mainly to Australians) along Legian. We were too hungry and that was the only decent looking food place in sight.


Warung Made for lunch! It's the only restaurant where you can find authentic local food around the Kuta/Legian area.


Rafiki! (again, Lion King reference)


Febris again, for our 4 hour spa:




Masseuse, "see the handsome man." hahahaha! Took the 4 hour spa again, paid about S$50 per person?

Naughty Nuri's for dinner:
This was a new find, a friend posted it on instagram and we decided to try it. BEST RIBS EVER. Amazing marinade and the meat comes off sooo cleanly. It's grilled over charcoal so it tastes smokey <3 I highly recommend! 

So-so nachos

So-so soto ayam (haha)


Salmon steak, so good!


Grilled corn, super good too!

See how clean!? So much better than Tony Romas.



Take-out dinner from Ketupat on a lazy night.


Warung Mak Beng. The fried fish/soup place I mentioned in my previous Bali post. Insane good!! I especially love the soup (we got free refills!). It tastes a little sour, a little salty, with a fish base (not at all like chinese fish soup though) and with cucumbers and fish cheeks. For a person who doesn't eat fish (me) to be saying this, means its really soooo good. 

At Benoa for watersports. Again, if you are a tourist, they'll rip you off. We got all the activities at 60% cheaper cause my dad knows the guy. They have a separate price list for tourists and locals! We picked flying fish, snorkelling and seawalking and paid about S$130. The seawalking was the most expensive activity, costing about S$150 (tourist price). I felt so dizzy having the seawalking gear over my head and on my shoulders. Thought I was gonna throw up in the helmet and drown in my own puke haha. The waters were disappointingly cloudy as well, not ideal for snorkeling.

Babi Guling (one of Bali's national dishes!) after watersports. We ate so much that day – fried fish/fish soup before watersports, mie ayam in the midst of watersports and babi guling after watersports.
They served various parts of the pig, cooked in different ways (including lard!), with rice for the babi guling set. Yums...

Uluwatu temple for sightseeing:


So beautiful.

We managed to catch the sunset!:') The other two idiots missed it while watching a money eat someones sunglasses -_-

Filled with monkeys eating sweet potatoes!

For those who are heading to Bali (I know a few!), here are some addresses you might wanna take down :)

Made's Warung
Br. Pande Mas, Kuta, Bali
Br. Seminyak, Kuta, Bali

Warung Mak Beng
Jalan Hang Tuah No.45, Sanur, Bali

Naughty Nuri's
Jl. Batu Belig 41 (Kerobokan Kelod) Kuta, Bali

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