Sunday, July 8, 2012

Adan y Eva

Yes, that's "Adam and Eve" in Spanish! Why the name, you might wonder? That's cause the store sells both male and female clothing (at reasonable prices of course!). We all know that online stores catered to males are hard to come by – so girls, make sure you get your boyfriends to bookmark this one! Also, since it has both male and female clothing, you guys can shop online together:) Spend $68 in total and receive complimentary registered postage. Normal postage is free if you spend < $68, great service (Y)!

Super duper love this shirt from the Adan line! I never knew colourblocking would work in menswear. Of course I don't expect men to rock outrageous colourblocking, so these muted colors of forest green and rust blended so well together, and it's really wearable for less adventurous men. The little details like the visible threads around the button loops attract me too.   
I'm trying to get Silas to be more adventurous with colors and prints, starting with his new berms from a boutique in Seminyak (As above. An investment!) and this paneled shirt.


Fell in love with this cape-like blazer when I first saw my friend Kailyn wear it to this year's Audi Fashion Fest. It's such a smart creation cause, firstly, it looks like you draped a regular blazer over your shoulders but yet, it doesn't look sloppy. Also, since your arms are exposed (so it's essentially sleeveless), it isn't too warm to walk around in. The white color looks so neat and pristine too, perfect for functions!  

This top is from their Prudence line. Its a new pocket friendly series that Adan y Eva recently launched! Even though the prices are low (only  S$19.90!), they do not compromise on quality. Thus, allowing customers to buy fashionable pieces that are both in trend and extremely affordable. 
I really like the combination of white and gold, especially when gold exists in nitty gritty details of the piece of clothing. Here, the collar and the cuffs are lined with gold sequins. The cuffs are thoughtfully made to be elasticized, which is great cause I like pushing my sleeves up (sometimes its just too warm to wear them down). I really hate to have to unbutton the cuffs to fold my shirts up. 

Adan y Eva have implemented a new MyRewards system to help you get more out of your spendings. Everytime you make a purchase with Adan y Eva, you'll receive points based on your total purchase amount. The more you spend, the more MyRewards points you'll receive. S$1 = 1 MyRewards point. Accumulate your points and save!

So many great deals await you, so head down to adanyeva now!

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