Sunday, June 3, 2012


Yepppp, more good stuff to share with you guys this weekend! With such a wide variety of clothing to choose from at Iscrewedyourboyfriend, I was spoilt for choice (I really wanted the ankle cut pants, EL sequin shorts, jersey skirt and the list goes on...).
With shorts being my favorite clothing item, I picked two of them – one casual, one dressy.

This pair of highwaisted shorts is a stunner! I always feel like I'll look sloppy wearing shorts to a nice restaurant or a function but definitely not with this pair. Perfect for partying too, can't wait to wear this out next weekend :3 The best part? It's a pull-up pants (betcha couldn't tell), means there aren't any zippers whatsoever, just pull-up :) It's super stretchy and hugs the butt really well too!

You gotta love denims, especially those with frayed ends and exposed pockets – like this one! I love the studs on the left pocket (so hardcore ;)) and it adds on to the whole rugged/biker feel. 

Apart from the clothes, I really enjoy browsing their site cause it's so convenient to find what you're looking for. The layout is neat and clean, and the tabs on the top help you filter your searches *thumbs up!*
There's bound to be something you'll love at Iscrewedyourboyfriend, so start shopping!

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