Monday, June 11, 2012

Every other person in Singapore has an iPhone and there's no denying how attached we are to it. We pick it up to use it at every half a minute intervals, even during mealtime, therefore, we've decided to stack our phones at a corner when we have lunch/dinner to curb that anti-social behavior. I'm liking this practice^^

Had lunch at Prata House (cause Hatched was packed) and the indian uncle gave us 2 blue cups and 1 pink cup. I'm soooo sure it was planned! Was beaming to myself the whole time after. Amazing how such a small gesture can make me so happy haha. 

The Masterchefs in us (Silas and I) have decided to cook for our friends on Saturday nights. #SteakSaturdays, they call it. And for our first #SteakSaturday, we got Kenny to help us. 
Started our journey early that day – went to ulu parts of Singapore to get ingredients for our dishes:
Mushroom soup
Kurobuta pork sausages
Ice creams

Mmmm dis so goodddddd.

Sausages were okay. Have never been a fan of sausages anw...

The star of the show!! Don't know why my steak was in such an odd shape, but tasted good nonetheless!

Enroute to Butter after that for Gwen/Evel/Debra's early birthday pardayyyyyy:

Lol kept lol-ing at the dancers on the podium and pole. We're going to hell:/

Nicholas Loo, Sam Koh, Me, Grace (It reads SAPS btw)

Pretty hammy

This was after pot luck at Kailyn's crib. IJ friends are really friends for life :')))
Missin' STC like crazy all.the.time.

#SteakSaturday Part Two! This time, Mia was masterchef and Su hosted the dinner at her gorgeous house.

Asparagus. Do not like this vegetable :X

Le grand setting

Corn chips sooo addictive!

LOURDES!!!! Fav dog apart from Baileys and Sam <3

Mash with bacon was guuuddddd

Pork chops!

Love this photo of us<3

The boys

The girls

Steak againnnnn. Amount of food was insane. Here's the list:
Rocket leaves and avocado salad
Bee Hoon
Boiled cauliflower and broccoli
Cheesy asparagus with beef and orange zest
Mash with bacon
Pork chops
Lamb chops
Chicken chops

MEAT OVERLOAD. So full I couldn't drink much at Helipad/Zouk :/

Weekiat, me, Grace, Lee Jiaying(tomatoface!) 
Lol seems like SAPS kids have turned into party animals

EVERYONE was at Zouk that night but didn't manage to get a photo with everyone:( Here's one with Gideon though.

Geezzzzz so many more blog posts to churn out! In the meantime, enjoy more discounts at Salon Vim:

In fact, I just did this amazing treatment! More about it soon ;)

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