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Michelle likes to call this THE Grad Trip since we literally flew to Bali immediately after graduation. But I refuse. London/Paris was still THE Grad Trip. And we'll be back there (London/Paris, of course) for our next grad trip in 3 years, this time, with the ability to speak fluent conversational French. And our reward for that? A Chanel bag each, with our own $ of course – and the bag must be ordered in French. Oh, the challenges we throw to each other.

I went to Bali with Michelle and her parents, and met my daddy, who picked us from the airport at 9pm and brought us to our hotel, there. Checked into our Hard Rock Hotel suite and ordered room service cause we were too lazy to eat out. Regret. The hotel food was a huge disappointment. 

Beach-style doors of the bathroom

We brought our sporks in their casings, but didn't use them -_- Also in the picture, the essential cotton buds!

Super Hard Rock themed. Everything had guitars on them – from the sheets, to pillow covers and even the room service trays.

Spent the entire day at the 5-star pool the next day.

So bummed that I couldn't take the slide:( "For children aged 12 and below"

The beautiful cabanas that surrounded the pool! They all have different pricings (the more central ones are more expensive) but cost an average of S$30 a day.

The pool was hugeeee. There was even a "beach" area in the pool i.e. sand in the water haha felt a bit strange at first.

Lookin' cui. I blame the lighting.

The greenish area is the "beach". Entire floor was covered in sand.

Ordered poolside food. Which was crap, again. 

Headed to Bubba Gump for dinner! Haha ikr go to Bali and eat at an American food joint?! This one my idea. 

Love love love the set up! Don't know why I didn't go to the ones in the States.

Super good American sweet iced tea. Brought back memories of America, where I had iced tea for every meal :'((((((

Yummy seafood broth! I felt that it didn't go well with rice though. 


Mich and my pasta

Yummy prawns. 

Came across this hilarious sign while walking back. Hahahaha literally direct translation

Kuta beach! Expected it to be livelier but it didn't seem to be the case. 

Met daddy, who took us to Sanur. The beaches in Sanur were...filthier. And you can't swim in Sanur beach.

Had this AMAZING ikan bakar with fish soup (it's a set) at Sanur. Absolutely loved the soup! The adults whacked the chilli. It's really famous, but I forgot the name (left the name card at home). If you're interested to know the name of the stall, drop me and email (since no one uses the comment box here lol).

Were supposed to catch the sunset but missed it. Ended up at daddy's fav beach front cafe with more than a coupla beers (for the parents) and avocado shakes (for Mich and I). Michelle's dad said that he had had more beers that night than the total number of beers he's had his entire life. Haha daddy's famous last words "one for the road" *brings 2 more large bottles of beers*.

Have never seen daddy in such a beach-y shirt haha.

Jimbaran at night for seafood! A must-go for seafood by the beach.

Gotta love teh botol!

Sweet+spicy grilled corn from a pushcart along the beach. So good!

Check out the lalas! So big fat and juicy<3 Love the spicy-tangy sauce they cooked it in too. 

Grilled fish. Which I do not eat. I do not eat fish with bones cause I used to always swallow the bones unknowingly. 

The name of the seafood place in Jimbaran! There are a few stalls (like Newton, but not as many la) but my dad frequents this one. 

Spa at Febris! Read plenty of good reviews for this one on trip advisor, so we decided to give it a try! It was really impressive! If you have a group of 4, you can get a spa villa (2 rooms, and 2 people per room). Of course you've gotta be comfortable with the person you share a room with (cause you've gotta strip and all, and be in the same tub) otherwise it'll be major awkz.

Lotsa these kinda statues there though, a little disturbing haha. 

The spa was torturous at the start – they made us go into a COLD jacuzzi plunge pool for 15mins (we were screaming while trying to get in), then the super hot steam room (which I almost died in cause it was sooo hot. I can usually tolerate immense heat.) then back to the cold jacuzzi WTF. Drastic changes in temperature, so painful. Mich and I had the hot stone massage, we were screaming (again) each time they put the hot stones on us (they were super hot!!!!) but it was super shiok at the same time. We both fell into a deep slumber during the facial. Was so relaxing. 
It cost us only about S$70+ for the 4 hour spa? Really worth it! 
Our therapists, Eva and Ibad were so sweet. Ibad even gave us a hug before saying bye. Will definitely go back to look for them again!

Had dinner at Al Dente. Looked like a pretty legit Italian restaurant cause everything on the menu was in Italian. 

The decor was amazing too. Mich and I would love to have a cafe that looked like this. 

Had a Bellini cause it was much cheaper there. 

Prawn pasta. Too much oil:(

Our miserable truffled tortellini. Too much oil too:( and the fragrance of the truffles wasn't infused into the pasta :( Overall, the food was only so-so, but it's a great place to chill out!

Thought this switch box was so smart! Hidden inside a picture frame. Idea!

Then we bid goodbye the next day. The trip was short and sweet, but definitely not enough. Which is why I booked tickets for Bali, again, on the 27th June - 1st July with Silas, Shamus (Silas' brother) and York Ying (Silas' brother's gf) (Haha couples retreat), so excites! But at the same time I've been insanely worried cause I recently went for a Cadbury casting, and the shoot will be in Shanghai, on the exact same dates I'll be in Bali :( Leaving it in God's hands, but still can't help but to be worried. 

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