Tuesday, May 22, 2012

See my new hair? ;) Okay not exactly new la, just that my stylist, Catherine, from Salon Vim, injected more life into it :D More on that soon...
On a separate note, check out the dark area above my eyes :'((( Any idea how to get rid of it without having to use concealer/foundation/eyeshadow? (am I asking too much)
Oh yes some of you have given me advice via formspring and email, thank you so much, I do read them and appreciate that you take time to provide me with recommendations :')

Went for art jamming at Arteastiq with le artist, Dah last week!
I enjoyed myself so much, can't wait to go for another session (this time I'll be more prepared)

My inspiration – photo of a beach in LA which I took using Silas' sprocket. Need to bring that baby (sprocket) out again soon. 

Dah gearing up. 

Free flowwwwww of paint *.* Not exactly the best quality, nicest shades or widest variety but some mixing will do the trick. 

So, the art jamming sesh costs $28 for 3 hours for students on weekdays. I upsized my canvas for $10 (I really needed a landscape canvas cause my painting would look really weird on a square one) and extended an hour for an additional $5. Comes with a free *fancy* drink! Dah got this alcoholic one with a sorbet on top. Tasted like flowers so yummy. Mine's a hazelnut iced chocolate:)

The end result. The rocks were quite a challenge, I'm quite proud of them:)

Le artist, incorporating watercolor technique using acrylic. Pure genius this girl.

Headed to soup spoon for a hearty lunch then Canele for macarons. So disappointed at their sudden lack of variety:(

Here's us at Sensation thai club! I really enjoyed myself (some of the girls were very pretty, so much eye candy!). On the other hand, Silas didn't like it at all cause he felt that it was very degrading for the girls to be doing such:( Trueeee but it's really not that bad. 


6 shots of us at the Cleo runway show because Kailyn kept deleting the one she thinks she looks "ugly" in -_- Trying to get everyone in it.  

Our superstar Grace workin' the runway (with Hadi as part of her entourage). In summary, the competition was really bad this year. I couldn't even find a favorite aspiring model to root for :(

OMGAHHH fangirl moment right there. FIONA FUSSI *.* She makes me accepting and proud of my high forehead :')

She's in the same video I'm in too *.* So starstruckkk I could stare at her for hours. 

Group shots:) Suddenly there are so little of us :(

Lone shot of Gwen cause she isn't in the group shot

And lone shot of Grace just because... she's a supermodel 

Sushi Tei after

Lovely, lovely Tanjong Beach club on a Sunday with Silas and Jiawei. 

This yummy drink was on the house but Silas was driving and I had the mother of all cramps (ok I'm really exaggerating) so we ditched it to go play at the beach :( I felt sooooo bad :((((((

Can't wait to go back to TBC in 2 weeks – I wanna try their foie gras kaya toast!
Speaking of beaches, I'll be heading to Bali from tomorrow (after graduation) to Sunday, EXCITESSSSS!!!!

Be back with more picturessss :*

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  1. why silas look like an old man in the thai club?