Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sash Petals

Had a great time at the SashPetals shoot a while ago! Here are my picks from the collection:)

Am loving the collar tips on this crisp white tunic overlay. White and gold is always classy! I also like the cuffed sleeves on this tunic – something different from your usual sleeveless or sleeved tops. The skirt has a nice flare too (I can spin around in it^^). I wore a white petticoat inside, and I liked how it looked together:)

#2 The Yale Swing Skirt in Taupe

Received so many compliments on this circle skirt. I love the how the smooth, glossy texture of the skirt complements the color, making it look fuller and more "3-D". Most of all, I love how sturdy the material of the skirt is, making sure that I don't "zao geng"/do a Marilyn Monroe when the wind blows haha.

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