Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just a bunch of photos...

Silas' new puppy, Baker! He's really noisy and naughty, he tore a hole in my dress with his teeth >:(

Lunch at Cacio e Pepe again! Super love this place. 

Vongole for appetisers

Ravioli in truffle sauce, still my fav dish <3 

Crayfish and crab (i think) stuffed marinara. This was really good too!

Molten lava cake for dessert. So-so. 

Tanjong Beach Club before heading to Freda's villa! I love how chill this place is.

Truffle fries which I found pretty ordinary cause I couldn't taste the truffle. Disappointing:(

The Amara Villa is so pretty! I want this for my 21st!

Okay looking forward to tomorrow ^^

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