Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heyyy I'm back and I've got exciting news to share! My very kind A&F manager sent a few of us for castings at various modeling agencies. I attended Elite's open casting (and didn't get in, mehhh) and Looque's open casting (got selected but I turned down the offer). Greg and I got callbacks from Avenue and I was really surprised, I thought they had made a mistake/didn't know of my height (I always thought that Ave had very high expectations cause they're top, and strictly accepts only girls 175cm and above). Was pretty reluctant to go for the casting as I didn't wanna embarrass myself/disappoint them with my height (or the lack of it). BUT I GOT IT IN THE END! So I signed a contract with them with no hesitation. It was really really a dream come true, to have Ave represent me. 
This also means that all the modeling I do on the side have to come to an end:( From now on I won't be able to do any blogshop modeling anymore:( 
To be honest, being a freelancer can earn me a lot more money as compared to me being contracted to an agency. But it is good to sign yourself to an agency if you intend to model professionally so that they will "protect" you. For example, if a shoot overruns, they're the ones who can fight for you for OT pay, and if a campaign lasts longer that it should (e.g. my Starhub student plan campaign, which is STILL at *scape), they can arrange to get you more money. 
I know I might sound money-faced but this is not just an issue about money. Take my Starhub campaign for instance. If I have a casting for a Singtel ad, I can only attend it if I haven't done a shoot with another brand of telcom in the past 3 years (or so). Imagine if the Starhub ad is supposed to be running for 6 months, but ran for >3 years (exaggerating here la) instead. I would be stuck and wouldn't be able to attend other telcom castings, which I could potentially attend if the campaign length had stuck to what was planned. 
Ok these are just some tips for budding models:) 
Back to the post!

This is Kenny being a supermodel with my ring light and a hairdryer (not in picture) at Silas' place. (We made a deal to plug each other, hence the link^^ READ HIM. He once had 5,000 hits a day lol true blue one hit wonder)

Supposedly post-Avenue-signing celebratory partyin' at Zouk, but spent most of the time waiting zzz HATE WAITING. Think it's the most fun when it's just me and le supermodel Grace;)

Yucks Silas must have drooled on his shirt haha

Have more photos of the boys than I have of myself -_- Who knew boys could be such camwhores.

Silas and I cooked Vongole with white wine sauce on Saturday! I must say it was pretty good for a first attempt, could use less olive oil and more "zhap" (personal preference) though.

Silas is always just digging into his food like a pig :< No one wants to take a photo of me and food:(

Went to Saveur (Sah-Veer) at 5 Purvis St for Mothers' Day dinner on Monday. Thanks Mandy for the recommendation, I highly recommend this place! The prices were unbelievable. Pastas at $3.90 and $6.90, the mains from $8.90 to $12.90 and premiums are $21.90. Ridiculously cheap, and tasted sooo much better than what I expected. Thumbs up for the excellent, fine dining-esque presentation too.  

Well momma's happy:)

Always haz no one to take my picture:( Explains the shakey-ness

70g of foie gras for $14.90. Too little for me, so I ordered another plate^^

Amazing Salmon confit appetizer, $8.90. Extremely tender (I think it's partially cooked thats why) and I love the black powder on top. Silas insists that it's pepper, but it really isn't.

Angel hair pasta with tiger prawns and caviar, $6.90.

Mom's duck confit, $8.90 (I think?)

Silas' tenderloin, $21.90. Texture's super good! Check out the redness.

My hazelnut and chocolate dessert. It's hazelnut mousse, and the chocolate sheet has popping candy in it^^

And because Miss Fred's camera takes such awesome pictures, I'mma put some if them up here:) Miss Fred's birthday party at Amara Villa:

THE VILLA! Really wanna book this for my birthday this year. 


Bought Miss Fred a prawning rod. So jealous:"( 


My fav puppy Lourdes turned up! 


Wah nose looks extra sharp here heh 


Not a very flattering photo but LOOK it's Kenny/inotfat 


Gushcloud and their partners:) 


The girls!


That's all folks! Credits to Freda and her new birthday camera for the photos^^


  1. omg collette i'm working at saveur!! it's not black pepper on the salmon confit its some sort of seaweed hahaha

  2. Randi: YESSS IM RIGHT:D Thanks for clarifying!