Friday, May 4, 2012

Apricot Accessories

Apricot Accessories is the online store with the the bag, the shoe and the jewellery
... because the girl needs more than just the dress.
Accessories can help jazz up or dress down an outfit to suit the occasion. Apricot Accessories has kindly sponsored me some lovely accessories to help me complete my outfits.  

First up, the Taylor Crisp Loafer. 

Took me countless attempts before I managed to get the shoe in the shot haha!

Should've took a photo like this and gotten Baileys to hug my feet haha matching colors!

Oxfords/brogues/loafers or whatever else you'd like to call it, these shoes provide both style and comfort. Having it in black and white is a plus – these contrasting colors make the shoes stand out and it can match with outfits of practically any color! I like how the little heel at the back adds a touch of masculinity. I know it sounds weird associating heels with men but if you notice, men's shoes aren't completely flat, they've got those heels at the back too.
Have I also mentioned how much I love the eyelet detail?

Next, The Etta vintage handbag.

So pretty and glossyyyy~

Vintage are vintage because they never go out of style. You can never go wrong with The Etta, a classic boxy bag with a top clasp. Because of its elegant appearance, I'd use it for formal occasions as opposed to a casual day out. This one's made of genuine leather, and at only $35.90, it's a steal! Sorry girls, I've got the first and last piece (yes, all Apricot Accessories' bags are real vintage, so they're are one of a kind) but do check out the other vintage bags on Apricot Accessories :)

Spot any other accessories on me in the above pictures?

Yes, the ever-popular hair cuff! 

Have been meaning to get this for the longest time, but it was sold out at H&M, and I was too lazy to order online haha. When I first saw a picture of the hair cuff, I was afraid that it wouldn't be able to hold my hair. Only when I received it did I realise that there was a hair tie inside the hair cuff, genius! Basically you have to tie your hair with the hair tie, then clasp the cuff over your ponytail. Ta-dah!!
Available in silver too:)

Also be sure to check out their lovely korean shoes of top notch quality. I'm itching to buy a pair or two!!!

I've got more exciting news for you. Right now, Apricot Accessories is having a My Shoes Wish List contest! 

Contest ends 31st May so enter now, at Apricot Accessories!

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