Sunday, April 29, 2012


My first USS experience was with the A&F kids in celebration of Chermaine’s 18th birthday. Geez that was 2 years ago for me:( I’ve always been the youngest amongst my (out-of-school) friends, I guess not anymore!

Sabrina, Darryl (Twin 1) and Hulk

The girls! Sabrina, Chermaine, Eunice and Dhabi:)

All of us:)

It was exactly what I expected it to be – small. And the number of rides were seriously quite pathetic, considering I only enjoyed Human/Cylon (the huge red and blue roller coasters) and The Mummy (indoor coaster). Thank God for the company<3 I’ve always wanted to go to USS with Silas, just the two of us. Luckily that didn’t happen, else I would’ve been bored to tears! Tip: Go with a huge group of friends (preferably 14), so you can occupy the whole coaster.
Singapore, if you don’t have land like America or Australia, please please don’t attempt to build large-scale theme parks like them. The $70 entrance fee can get me to both Anaheim Disneyland and California Adventure Park, ten times the size of USS.

We left at 7pm when it closed (so early!?). Headed to Vivo and we decided to Build-A-Bear for Chermaine. It’s hilarious how they make you rub the heart on your cheeks and nose before they sew the bear up.

Then to Fig and Olive for dinner. Really crappy dinner >:(

And we surprised the birthday girl with 2 cakes on the rooftop. Happy Birthday Chersparkle:) Day well spent!

And guys, please listen to this! It's beyondddd amazing. My fav song by Daryl thus far!<3

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