Monday, April 2, 2012

Salon Vim

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Next (UK) clutch

Anyone notice my change in hairstyle? Just got a perm, treatment and dye job at Salon Vim a few weeks back. It was my first visit, and the hairstylists were so hospitable:)
I found my hair insanely flat for my liking, so I added volume with waves from digital perming – this textured wave trend is a 2012 trend! I also touched up my dark roots by coloring – the hairstylist, Catherine recommended that I go for the ombre look, also a 2012 trend and Salon Vim's SS'12 collection. But work requires us to be au naturale, which means my hair color can't be too gaudy, and not obviously colored, so Catherine picked 3 shades of dark brown for my hair and I love it! The gradient looks like "shadows" caused by the waves in my hair :) I also had to do a treatment of course, after putting so much chemicals into my hair. Walked out of the salon like a happy camper, thank you Salon Vim!

The treatment. Catherine did a customized treatment for me, consisting of Fiberceutic filling serum, Powerdose curl and Fiberceutic mask. Since I permed and dyed my hair, I needed a treatment to help restore the hair cortex and keep my hair healthy, and this specialized treatment is perfect for it!
Salon Vim uses only Loreal Professionnel products so be rest assured that your hair will be well taken care of:) 

The end results! Freshly blown hair. I will never be able to replicate this at home on my own:(
This is Catherine btw, she is so sweet and soft-spoken and was so compromising (I had quite a bit of "specifications" since my job requires me to look "natural"). If not for my job, I'd love to pick a drastic color, like what Catherine initially suggested, so that the gradient would be more obvious
Thank you Catherine, for taking care of me :) 

See the color gradient!! Btw they even curled my fringe a little (with a large barrel) so it now has more bounce^^

Aftercare for my hair:) Gonna spam the Loreal Professionnel Mythic Oil till my hair ends get repaired. The  Mythic Oil is a new product consisting of Grapefruit seed extract and Avocado Oil. It gives my curls a glossy and smooth finish. The Loreal Professionnel Playball is for sculpting my curls, locking them in and giving them shape. I swear by Loreal playballs. I used to use the orange tub when I had ultra short pink hair in sec 4 and this sculpting cream doesn't disappoint either!

Instaphoto from a while ago. Love how my fringe falls now:)

For first timers at Salon Vim, quote "Collette" to get 10% of all hair services!

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