Monday, April 9, 2012

Remember about how I was going on and panicking about the arrival of my SATS? Well, "the day before" my SATS, I rushed home early to make sure I get enough sleep (reporting time is 7.45am), then checked my entry proof only to realize that it's in May not April 5th -___________- Never felt this stupid. I know it's been a month since I came back from my grad trip (a month and my VAT refund for my Mulberry bag still hasn't come in >:(((( ) but here's more of London that I think you should see:) Did more touristy things like sightseeing, which I hardly do because I love shopping too much. Yes, I go on holidays purely for shopping.

Beautiful contrails otw to Windsor Castle <3  
Didn't notice the little crowns above the lights until Michelle pointed them out!
Stonehenge... just a coupla stones, pretty anticlimactic to me.  
Liking the lone bird  
Bath! What a lovely place:) A small town on its own.  
We were told many times not to touch the water. But all the Asians there seem to be reaching out to touch the water!? I shall give them the benefit of the doubt and take it that they don't understand english...  
What's left of the structure. For parts that are missing, they used graphics to project on the wall. Uhhh okay... A for effort.  
So pretty like a galaxy! *_*  
Look at how lovely Bath is!  
Ok back to civilization aka London Town  
Had this at the outlet mall!  
And this was the super zhng bus that brought us to the outlet mall. I highly recommend booking a tour to the Outlet Mall in London from Golden Tours. Think it cost us only about S$40 per person? We even got 10% discount for all the brands (except Prada) at the outlet mall!  
Probably one of the highlights of our trip, (the most stressful lunch) at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay's! INSANELY ATAS restaurant, so Shella didn't let me take photos grrrrr. Gotta put my Etiquette on.  
Soft, warm, fresh bread. OH MY GOD BEST EVER. Could choose between salted/unsalted butter even.  
Even the butter's so pretty  
Cold lobster soup thingy, with cream and caviar. WOW. Never tasted anything that good.  
Super huge foie gras and *some other part of the goose that tasted like foie gras too* with carrot, potato crisp and almond foam. Amazing.
Fish with leek-wrapped-truffles and gnocchi. Insanely good, especially the texture of the gnocchi!  
Michelle's venison with truffle! I've always refused to eat bambi but it looked SO good I just had to try it.  
Super yummy mango passionfruit drink, served with a glass straw haha. Felt strange cause I usually bite my straw. If I did that with this straw, I'd be crunching on shattered glass.  
Frozen lemon nougat thingamajig with lemongrass drizzle and honey (the solid round thing!)  
And a bit of gold^^  
Truffles, turkish delight and ichigo bliss. We were so full by that time! It was the most stressful meal I've ever had – people kept staring at us, they were probably wondering 'how the heck are these girls gonna pay for their meal?!'. And we didn't know how much it would cost altogether! Turned out to be S$230, not too bad for such good food and a once in a lifetime experience.  
Watched the changing of guards at Buckingham Palace.  
It was so crowded this was all I could capture.  
Big Ben...wasn't so big after all
Took a trip to the much raved about Hummingbird Bakery only to be disappointed with their cupcakes-_-  
That's S$5.40!? Twelve Cupcakes is so much yummier!  
I liked how sweet the cream cheese frosting was though, but it didn't taste like authentic RVC cream cheese.  
Gotta love the decor  
Will take this the next time!  
We need this in Singapore cabs!  
The London Eye which was so small as compared to the SG Flyer  
Goodbye Citadines and Northumberland Avenue. Till we meet again! 

On a separate note, Salon Vim is having a promotion on Series Nature!

To celebrate, they will be giving free hair treatments every week! All you have to do is to 
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What I've been really excited about recently has to be the April Vanity Trove. My mom and I were sent to a lovely spa yesterday at Masego, courtesy of Vanity Trove. After the face spa, we were assigned to assemble our own troves with the April goodies and even got a little makeover – my mom wore falsies for the first time!
This trove is perfect for girls who like to doll up and get pampered, so if you know of a someone who fits the bill, this trove is perfect. Who says you need an occasion to gift the trove! Subscription closes on the 14th April so be quick:)
Not gonna reveal the contents of the trove (I want you girls who've subscribed to be surprised!) but I'm sure you can pick up some hints above ;) 


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  2. hey dear where did you get your blue coat!!! it's really nice (: