Monday, April 16, 2012

Dinner Haunts

Finally got down to buying my camera charger so I've been able to take photos again:) 
I'm really looking forward to the coming week – USS on Tuesday and Bandung with mom on Saturday :B I've pretty much given up on studying for SATS so I'm pretty much just bumming around and, well, eating, evidently:

Mont Blanc at Kki. I love Kki's cakes (although they're on the pricey side) because most of them have surprise centers:)

Jiawei's (left) birthday at DB Bistro, one of the Celebrity restaurants at MBS, courtesy of Marcus' (right) dad. And no, they're not gay haha. See the brown bun on the right? That's a super yummy warm pretzel 0.0 SO GOOD. 
And that, in the foreground, was my super strange herb-y cocktail with egg white foam (whut...)

Calamari rings were so-so

Was so excited to eat that I forgot to take photos of our mains (what's new) -_- I had gnocchi which was really jelat cause of the cream sauce. Have been pretty obsessed with gnocchi since I had *the most amazing gnocchi* at Gordon Ramsay's. The boys had steaks, which were good. Also shared a grilled foie gras, which was great, but I'd have preferred it pan fried. It was $38 for one piece:/

Our dessert. The lychee sorbet was amazing.

Cotton On Body Bralette
Select Sheer Collared Blouse
HerVelvetVase Skirt
Moschino Belt

Date night at Cacio e Pepe, amazing, AMAZING Italian restaurant tucked away at a row of shophouses near Hillview. I'd rank this restaurant second best! With the best being Valentino's of course. 

Gotta love balsamic vinegar+olive oil dips.

The daughter of the owner I'm assuming. Super cute. Apparently she's at the restaurant every Saturday afternoon ^^

Ravioli with truffle sauce, $24. Best I've ever tasted! The truffle taste was so distinct, and the portion was just right – not too jelat.

Silas' vongole. The sauce was so tasty and the clams, really fresh!

Half parma ham half salami pizza, $28. Not bad but not superbly yummy either. 

This boy being very uncooperative...

Cacio e Pepe
3 Chu Lin Road
6760 3534 

This is not a paid advert btw. I just think that the food is amazing, and I'd like to share :) 
PS: I recommend calling to make a reservation cause it can get quite crowded. 

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