Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paris, I Love You

Second (and final) "half" of our Parisian adventure in this post! 
The weather made my face really dry but the Clinique moisturizer from the January Vanity Trove salvaged it. Speaking of which, the travel sized shampoo, conditioner and miniature lip/cheek stain came in super handy for the trip! Super excited to receive March's Vanity Trove.

I hear that there are 2 types of troves – skincare and makeup. So i'm guessing... full skincare range or pretty makeup for girls who enjoy experimenting? ;) 
More surprises are instore – 10 extra VT credits if you get both troves, and a chance to catch "The Vow" for free (dying to catch that movie!). So what are you waiting for? Get your March Vanity Trove and be excited:>

Enjoy this super image-heavy post!:)

Bought a warm nutella crepe from the cafe beside our hotel, only to find out that they used fake nutella >:( See "nutella" jars with labels peeled off. Felt soooo cheated!

Weather was lovely that day! Was pretty gloomy when we first arrived.

Red nose again haha. And terrible breakout on my forehead. I think it's due to the change in climate – cold and dry, resulting in oils trapped inside the skin.

Pierre Herme macarons! Gahhhh I miss:(:(

Giant macaroons. If you want to know, Michelle and I bought S$60 worth of macaroons for ourselves.


Love the minimalisic paper bag with cutouts:)

More french onion soup

But Shells and I really hate onions

I insisted on buying McCafe macarons! They cost only 90cents (approx. S$1.60) and taste better than Canele's!

Lol initially I thought this was THE Arc de Triomphe


Lol see what I mean? (re comment made in prev post)

Mona Lisa was... anti-climatic. Barely A3 sized -_-

As compared to this. Almost floor to ceiling. Whoaaaa.

Crowd headed for the Mona Lisa

Yum tum tum <3

Simply divine <3

Lunch at Galleries Lafayette. 


More stuffed pasta <3


FRIED MASHED POTATOES. Teach me, somebody.

Our shopping. Trust me, it gets worst.

And my splurge. Love it so much!

Moarrrr french onion soup

Foie Gras...pate. So unexciting:( Surprisingly it was quite difficult to find pan fried foie gras in Paris.

Tour Eiffel in the night<3

Contrails make skies so much more beautiful.

Lol at my shoes + leg warmers

Hot chocolate 

Really crappy baguette with only a piece of ham inside -_- 

Cousin's friend Christine and her son's girlfriend, Juliette brought us to Laduree. My first time, and I was so excited!

This is french lemonade. Tastes like lemon flavored soda water.

This was amazing!

Juliette is so gorgeous. And she's only like 2 years older than us. We really look like kids. 

Da pao-ed Laduree! 

Really miss this!

Nails that match our coats

The top of the Eiffel tower was closed so we could only make it to the second level:( Good enough I guess! We climbed up btw, good morning workout.

View from the top!

Don't know what this meant... Nikki and Dean were...dogs?

Overpriced soup at the top. Coke was like 5 euros #wtf?

Went back to Laduree because we felt that we had to try their savories after looking through their menu!

But we were utterly disappointed by the foie gras and truffled omelette. We've tried better in Singapore...

THIS is the Arc de Triumphe.

Along the Champs Elysees shopping belt where I spent >300 euros at H&M. I do not even...

THE LV store 

The A&F, which was uber grand. Michelle and I were laughing at how the models say "hey what's going on". Their accent makes it sound as if the models were confused over something that had happened. You have to hear it to understand hahaha. 

A restaurant near our hotel, recommended by the receptionist. Best meal in Paris thus far!

Friendly gay (both meanings) who had a funny playlist, including Dragostea Din Tei. Never knew that the title of *that* song was Dragsostea Din Tei (Guo Mei Mei's "Bu Pa Bu Pa", in English)

Foie gras burger

Lamb. So yummy!

Escargot puff

Another cafe. Really loved the gratin here!

First (and last) Creme Brûlée since we arrived in Paris.


Eating a Paul lemon tart while waiting for our train back to London!

Even though it was my first trip to Paris, I feel like I know the city enough to point out the common "quirks" and dangers. I feel that Paris is not as dangerous as what other tourists make it out to be though. I felt that Milan (a few years ago) was worse for me – lesser tourists around + more dodgy people. There was this middle-aged white guy in dreadlocks who were following us, and he grabbed my wrist when I was walking into Zara. I also witnessed a fellow tour-mate's camera get stolen during a meal (via strangers coming up to the table to "sell" them something).

For those who are traveling to Paris soon, here are some tips and tricks: 

1) Bags
Carry a small messenger bag that you can sling to the front. The worst bags to carry are backpacks, because you can't see if someone's trying to steal from your bag.

2) Money
Split your money! In the unlucky circumstance where your wallet gets stolen, you don't lose everything. I had a money belt strapped to my jeans/waist everyday, and that was my "ATM" for the trip. It contained my passport and the bulk to my cash, and I'd replenish the money in my wallet before I leave the hotel everyday.

3) Strangers
Do not talk to strangers, #truestory. Gypsies will approach you and talk to you. Don't sign any petition (very common among gypsies somehow) or speak to them. They might steal your valuables while you're at it and you'll never get it back because they'll pass it to their "fellow gypsies" who will just keep passing it on. 

4) Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower gets crowed really quickly, so be sure to arrive about half an hour before it opens if you want to beat the queue. If you don't mind a morning workout (like me) and are willing to take the stairs – the queue is shorter, and the tickets are cheaper^^ It still entitles you to take the lift down if you're too tired to climb down.

5) Student Pass
Bring your student pass everywhere you go. There are student discounts at most attractions – the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Eurostar etc. You actually get quite a bit of savings:) 

6) The French
Are snobs. Suck it up and live with it (even though you might be raging inside, like me). We were at Laduree at 11.30am for lunch, which starts at 12nn. Since lunch wasn't ready yet, we ordered 2 pots of tea to kill time and the waitress shot us an arrogant, "you-mean-that's-all?" look. 
#BITCHPLEASE we were about to order 2 of the most expensive meals from the menu at noon.

Next post --> London!


  1. Hi Collette, how much did you bring with you to Paris/UK? I'll be going there in June but I've heard so many stories about people getting pickpocket there that it absolutely terrifies me! Should I stick with a credit card? Please advice! Thanks (:

    1. Hi Unknown, I brought 1000euros and 900pounds in cash:) I had a money belt strapped to my waist, that was my "atm" (i carried some cash in my wallet, in my bag). Just as long as the money is close to you, you should be safe!