Tuesday, March 6, 2012

PARIS! Diz just the beginning...

And... I'm finally back from my almost-two-week-long grad trip with Shells. Paris/London were AMAZING. Personally I preferred London more (and so did Michelle, who had been to London thrice) because there was both good shopping and sight-seeing. Paris was a beauty, and we walked EVERYWHERE, for hours even – we walked back to our hotel (more about that later) everyday. It's great that we could sightsee while walking – thank God both of u love walking!

We flew via SQ and we travelled from SG to London, stayed for a night then took the Eurostar to Paris, where we stayed for 5 days. Then back to London via Eurostar, stayed for 7 days and it's home sweet home. Luggage was wayyyy overweight – mine was 32kg and Michelle's was 28kg. I could hardly lift it up (it was only 10kg lighter than me)! More about that later on too. 

In the meantime...

Last min packing at Michelle's

this was our breakfast. Love the compact Rumblers cereal pack! If only they have this in SG:(

Milk on top/cereal at the bottom

It was so yummy!

Mandatory plane shot

Our first meal in London at my fav "fast food" joint, Pret A Manger, which we found out was pronounced "Prot a mon-zhay" or something. 

Mushroom soup. We drink soup practically everyday!

Da-paoed to our hotel, The Lancaster. It was quite crappy – no lifts, so we had to lug our luggages up the stairs and down the narrow corridors. There was no attached toilet, only a shower and basin, and the shower only had a glass door!

So good!

Caffe Nero while waiting for our train the next day.

The interior of Kings Cross station, so beautiful.

In the Eurostar! It was a 2 hour journey to London

Super SUPER cute chauffeur in Wayfarer specs *melts* picked us up at Gare du Nord train station in Paris, holding a sign that said "Colette". For once in my life, I wasn't sure whether or not he was referring to me because firstly, he spelt it with a single "l" and secondly, every other female in Paris is named Colette.

Michelle and I need to learn French. 
Went to the London immigration and the officer said, "Colette... You speak French?"
Me, "No..."
Officer, "*disappointing look*"
Same happened to Michelle in the hotel.
Receptionist, "Michelle Marie?"
Shells, "Yes:)"
Receptionist, "You speak French?"
Shells, "*laughs* No."
Receptionist, "You have 2 French names, and you don't speak French?!"

We stayed at Hotel Eiffel Seine. I highly recommend this boutique hotel! It's lovely, quaint and well furnished. The best part? The Eiffel Tower is only a 5 minute walk away and can be seen from the outside of the hotel, pass the bend.

Bullet, the resident kitty! <3 

Lolol sorry for the spam. As you can see, we were trying REALLY hard to get a good shot.

HIIIIIIII! So cold my nose turned red

Uber cute public toilet

In love with Raviolis/Tortellinis/stuffed pastas<3

Haha they gave us cheese in this oriental melamine bowl, very commonly used at local zi char stores.


What's keeping me warm: 
Red Trenchcoat from LoveBonito, my fav online store
You'll be seeing more of this gorgeous winter piece! ;)

Everytime we visit Europe, Michelle and I always wonder why they'd sculpt "it" to be so tiny. 

Oops, head's covering "it" in this one!

Demonstration going on about... Greeks? Idk haha.

Our liquids. Carrying these in hand back to the hotel and...
Receptionist, "They don't check for ID?"
Michelle and I, "Uh... We're 20..."
Geez we really look 15 don't we :/

Refrigerated all these. When I say refrigerated, it means: opening the window, putting it by the window sill and getting cold milk/beer/rose´ by the night. I miss my natural, ginormous refrigerator:(

Don't worry, that's not all the photos I have! More to come, more to come ;)


  1. where did u get the blue wintercoat from?

  2. Hey! I got it from F21 online a few years ago:)