Wednesday, March 14, 2012

London Part One


We took the Eurostar back to London and checked into our GORGEOUS apart-hotel located in the heart of Trafalgar Square. Citadines Trafalgar Square. Brilliant location, beautiful hotel, I highly highly recommend!

Michelle and I ALWAYS stock up on soups.

My fav! Pret A Manger.

London Fashion Weekend! We pre-ordered tickets about a month in advance and picked "Shop and the lot", which means entry+goodie bag+shop. The shopping area was pretty impressive I must say! Managed to buy a pair of House of Harlow leopard printed pony hair wedges, Jaeger London shades and something else * i think *.

H&M slut, but I LOVED the outfit I put together^^ (Freezing my ass off though)

Looked and felt like Audi Fashion Fest.

The featured brands were all British. I felt so foreign, but these were my fav pieces:

The black playsuit 0.0 <3

Low back white dress & white playsuit. Y I NO ∞ $$$$

At Trafalgar Square

Found a trashy shoe shop 50m away from our hotel (see bags in hand) and went crazy cause shoes were 3 - 10 pounds?!

Check out my bag. Super paranoid about getting robbed so I strapped my bag really high and kept it in front. 

Super oily and soggy fish and chips that potentially gave me hives that night!

Met up with Amanda, YY, Lorraine, LiuQing at Camden Town. Missed them like crazy!!

Took a cab to Oxford Street with Lorraine wheeling her pink luggage everywhere haha. Gotta love Oxford Street!

Dinner with Lorraine, Michelle and LiuQing at Prezzo, a really impressive-looking, atas restaurant next to our apart-hotel. Food wasn't impressive though, I think we ordered the wrong things. Also, here was where I got hives. I don't really know what/how... Fish and chips or red wine?!

In our clubbing gear lol

We were freezing our asses off in our "clubbing gear", it was 8 degrees or so and took about 4 cabs, went to 4 different clubs because LQ didn't bring her IC and most clubs didn't accept student passes (even though hers was a legit Liverpool U card). Finally went to Funky Buddha on Mayfair (website reads "Welcome to funkybuddha club, a renowned celebrity hot spot located in the heart of Mayfair. ") Opened a bottle. 10 minutes later, friend got pissed drunk, passed out, got carried out (embarrassing much!) (bouncer even said, "she's only been here 10 minutes!?), puked and passed out outside (her famous last words at lunch and dinner, "I have never puked when I'm drunk. I have never gotten a hangover"), never woke up, puked, flails arms singing "ERRBAHDEEE GON HAVE A GOOD TIMEEEE~", I started to pinch and slap her, no response, called the freaking ambulance at 4am
Ambulance came and guess what? It was an ambulance for drunk people. 
MOST HILARIOUS THING EVER. The medics hand-carries drunkards and straps them down on a seat, by a seatbelt. It kinda looks like a bus/mini-van haha. Singapore needs this. 

The next day was our tour at 8.15am, Michelle and I were so fucked (ended up with 2 hours of sleep). 
So the hospital called at 6 in the morning, drunk friend said, "Guys. Where are you all?"
Me, "We're in the hotel."

WHAT AN ADVENTURE. But I felt so cold and helpless that night I wanted to cry:(

Anw, less havoc stories to come! 

PS: Because I miss Paris and Matt Pokora on the French MTV, I'd like to share my current fav song

Love the song, and he's so gorgeous<3


  1. Hey Collette! Are those Cole Haan oxfords? Did you get them in SG? I've been looking for them for ages!

    1. Hey there! sorry for the late reply... Nope, they're from H&M, bought it in Paris:)