Saturday, March 17, 2012

Live It Up Without Lighting Up

Post-graduation, post-London holidays can get really boring, especially during the weekdays, but I finally have something planned for next Wednesday after work! (I've been studying during the weekdays after 3 zzz...)
The Live It Up Without Lighting Up launch party will be held on the 21st March at *SCAPE Warehouse from 7-11pm. Get ready to boogie the night away with exciting activities lined up for you, featuring performances by DJ S.O.F and Inquisitive!
In the meantime, you can learn the Live It Up dance so that you'll be a pro on that day ;)

The song you're hearing in the video was performed by members of your favourite local bands like The Dirt Radicals, Caracal, Black Diamond Ninjas, and remixed by local rapper, ShiGGa Shay! RSVP now at I'll see you there!

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