Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Idiot's Guide to Shisha

For all you people who have yet to watch this video, please do! An entertaining video to shisha smoking indeed! I liked how the guru talked about shisha smoking in a new perspective – it kept me glued to the video throughout the entire 9 minutes. I had to do a double take before realising that he was actually sharing about the harmful effects of shisha smoking!

When I was younger, I also thought that
smoking shisha has to be less harmful as compared to smoking cigarettes because it was water based!
I'd like to call the shisha a wolf in sheeps clothing. Not meaning to burst your bubble, but smoking shish can be far worse than smoking cigarettes (And as if smoking isn't bad enough). Don't let the array of flavours and sweet smells fool you!
1 session of shisha lasts for about (or at least) 45mins
1 pot of shisha, smoked for 45mins is equivalent to 10 packs of, or 100 sticks of cigarettes, and as much tar as 20 low-tar cigarettes.

There is also a misconception that shisha smoking is not addictive. Fact is, it is. On top of that, there is a risk of contracting communicable diseases like tuberculosis and hepatitis from sharing the hookah. You may think that it's not true, since the stores usually fit a disposable cap on the hookah. But don't forget that there are germs (including saliva) trapped within the walls of the hose. Who knows whose saliva you'd be sucking in!
Did you see the part in the video where Tony blew air out of the shisha pipe, only to find rust deposited on the tissue paper he capped the end of the pipe with? That could be what you're inhaling :O
And boys
 it decreases your sperm count.

Check out this illustration to get the lowdown on this otherwise-harmless looking equipment. The write-ups are really creative and humorous hahaha – "addiction pit" and "delusion chamber"!?

I'm sure you're having second thoughts about shisha now, aren't you?...

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