Monday, March 19, 2012


RECEIVED YET ANOTHER PARCEL, tied up in a gorgeous Tiffany blue ribbon<3 This one's from FemmexFatale!

FemmexFatale is an online beauty store that helps to solve all your beauty problems. The products they carry include skincare, haircare and bodycare products, as well as beauty tools – minus the hefty price tag that usually comes with maintaining your face and hair at salons. 
Each package is thoughtfully handpacked and customized too ;)

Me before going to bed, feeling super excited to unbox my parcel! Just check out how big it is in comparison to me ^^

The contents!

Firstly, surprises/goodies! The necklace on the left is so cute – reminds me of a telephone cord.
Customers who spend > $50 at FemmexFatale will also receive a freebie :)

Super natural looking falsies. Perfect for my photoshoots!

My favorite Hello Kitty<3 Kay Kay gave me this in baby pink, now I've got one in the original HK colours!

This envelope case fits my iPad perfectly, with room for stationery too:)

And introducing the star of the show...

The latest "I'm Too Precious!" set (S$59.90)
Consisting of:
• 2 bottles of platinum serum
• 1 bottle of peeling jelly
• 1 bottle of rose water
• 1 pot of spot crystal mask 

2 extra bottles specially for me! Thanks FemmexFatale!

For more effective results, use all these products in one "dosage".
Here are the steps:

• Begin with a clean, dry face (just got outta the shower here^^)

 Apply a thin layer of Peeling Jelly onto face and leave on for 5-10 mins until dry.

 Gently massage to remove dead skin and impurities, then rinse off with warm water and towel dry

 Massage half a bottle of Platinum Serum onto face

 Mix an equal amount of rose water and spot crystal mask powder, then apply on face and neck. Leave the mask on for 15-20 mins

• When it dries it should look something like this!

• After which, wash off mask and massage the remaining bottle of Platinum Serum onto face.

TADAHHHH! Clean and smooth face:> Mom was really shocked when she saw how much the redness on my cheeks was reduced. "Whoa this really works on you!", I quote her. Indeed, the redness (idk what caused it in the first place. Definitely not the blusher cause I just got out of the shower...) went down a lot, and my skin tone looked so much more even!

Pamper yourself with "I'm Too Precious!" set today and see the miracle it does to your skin, for yourself!
Look out for my FemmexFatale tweets at @ColletteMiles too because 10 lucky twits who retweet and/or follow FemmexFatale on their twitter account (@femmexfatalesg) will stand a chance to win a surprise pack each :)

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