Friday, February 17, 2012


Remember when I blogged about Michelle buying me a Hello Kitty X-mini for Christmas? Guess what... I'VE GOT ANOTHER ONE :D This one's the newer version, called the X-mini RAVE. Similar to the Hello Kitty one but equipped with an FM radio. The FM radio function has a screen to see which channels you are shuffling through – some mini speakers don't have this screen, which makes it annoying.

Since Michelle and I are going to London tomorrow (well technically today), we decided to have a little dance party while trying out the X-mini. All the songs, except "Can't Let Go by Landon Pigg" were played with the X-mini. We couldn't let go of the X-mini so much that we decided to pack it into my luggage for dance parties in our London apart-hotel (see end of video haha!). The speaker is collapsible and the wire can be neatly stowed away securely under the speaker, making it extremely compact.The sound quality is already beyond excellent in the video (recorded using the MacBook), so you can just imagine how it'll sound like in real life. I also did a road test on mini speakers for Simply Her magazine (April issue), so if you're looking for a mini speaker, you might want to pick up a copy. If you can't wait till mid-March, grab the X-mini. Trust me, no regrets;)


  1. hi babe, by any chance you'll be selling your old x mini ?

  2. Huishan: hey babe! Sorry I won't be. I love it too much (it's Hello Kitty!) and it was a gift.