Wednesday, February 15, 2012


A friend of mine has just started an online store, styledsymmetry. She used to intern for HerWorld, and she's quite the fashionista herself so her choices won't go wrong! 
And the style-meister says, "Trendy ain’t our thing- we don’t believe in fashion that only lasts for X months. Only pieces that we deem as ‘stylish’ make the cut. After all, “fashion fades, but style is eternal” and all that... Be rest assured that our clothes will be a hundred per cent wearable! ; )"
The best part? All items from styledsymmetry are super affordable, costing only less than $20 to early $20s.

My first collar, and I'm so so happy with it! It's made of velvet with lace details. The lace reminds me of pretty cake doilies! 
The other collars are super pretty too, check out the pearl ones:

and the plain ones...

If you'd like to add a pop of colour to a boring top:)

Velvet lace collar styledsymmetry
(paired with)
Cream and black button down top Oakham Market
Yellow scalloped shorts Oakham Market 

Psst... see how the collar is worn above!


Ultra cute polka dotted babydoll dress. I love the soft material – I'd liken it to felt, and the small, scattered dots give a fresh perspective to the otherwise-systematic polka dot prints. 

Polka dot dress styledsymmetry
(paired with)
Favourite neon pink accented wedges substance

I'd like to call this the magical bandage skirt. Definitely a wardrobe essential! It's made of ribbed cotton and hugs your bottom at all the right places ;) The magic lies in the bands – the skirt is banded at both the top and bottom, so you'll be spared of awkward tugs as you walk because the skirt will hug your thighs. 

Candy bandage skirt (red) styledsymmetry
(paired with)
Batwing cropped top LoveBonito
Quirky oxford heels VictoriaJoMo

& i just bought this velvet skirt from styledsymmetry! Can't wait to receive it!

If you like what you see, I've got a great deal for you. 
Quote "collettemiles" to receive 10% off (on top of the super affordable price wtf) all items on styledsymmetry!

Also, add them on Facebook for updates. Shop now!

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