Sunday, February 5, 2012

NUS Pageant

Attended the NUS MasqueMErise *cringe*(yes they put the emphasis on the "ME" when they wrote it behind a souvenir mask. #tryingtobepunny) pageant last week to support Gwen. She's always been super gorgeous, even at sec 1 when everyone else looked like crap... I was really really glad to meet the STC girls again but there were so little of us left in SG:( Most of them are in the UK fml why am i stuck here:(

All lol-ing at her outfit. Super kua zhang.

Cleo runway winner in action

Rachel & Evel

Rachel & Cleo runway winner

Kailyn & Evel. True blue camera whores.

All the guys were uh...not exactly good looking. I think Gwen's partner's the best looking amongst all.

Christel is so gorgeous. She's the daughter of my favvv sec school teacher, whom I was so happy to see at the pageant too.

Both so pretty!

This was the mega epic dance performance by Christel. EVERYONE was so mind blown. 

I bet by now you can tell who were my favorites...

This was the couple that Rachel and I thought were so compatible cause they were so spontaneous and cute together. The girl's super pretty!

He looked really sad when everyone else had a sash but him. In the end he walked away as Mr NUS. Totally deserving!

Christel is too pretty

Uh... so everyone won a prize in the end. Some of the titles didn't match the contestants' personalities at all. On a separate note, Kailyn, Grace and I were discussing if Jean Danker's dress was a Herve Leger. The color combi is gorgeous!

Gwen won Miss Photogenic. At least that title suits her!

Group shot with Birdy, Jolene and Gwen in it this time!

It's scary how Gwen looks exactly like her mom and brother...

Dragged Grace to Zouk with me for Mia's birthday. 

Such a bad photo of Silas but I'm putting it up anyway lol

Bumped into Steph. So pretty, the birthday girl!

Ending this post with another bad photo of Silas lulzzz.

Anyway... I HAVE OFFICIALLY ENDED MY INTERNSHIP I AM FREEEEEEEEEE not. Haha still pretty busy finishing up my 3000 word report. I'm at 2400 words and I'm not even near done, I hope I don't get marks docked off. 

Also, highlight of my day = WATCHING SPRING AWAKENING ahh my Nathan Hartono *faints* HOLYYYYY SPEAK OF THE DEVIL HE JUST REPLIED MY TWEET ZOMG I feel like that 14 year old me receiving a text from a crush!!!!! ok getting outta hand here *SNAPS BACK TO REALITY* Got the tickets for free and dragged Michelle with me. The condition: to write a review on Spring Awakening for SMU. Nahttt a problem! Will probably share it here:) Anyway, it was a great show and I think everyone EVERYONE should watch it. Even though it was really disturbing and painful to watch Nathan Hartono have sex with his co-star twice, as well as two male casts making out. 


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