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Noise Singapore Festival 2012!


Spent yesterday's noon with Silas, going for shopping for my belated Valentine's gift! If you don't already know what it is on my twitter, look at the bag I'm slinging on my wrist in the pic below! Yessss… Michael Kors! That boy didn't know what to get me for Valentine's, so I offered to help! 

Took the afternoon off from work, and spent some quality time together. After we were done, we joined the girls for Noise Singapore Festival Showcase!

What's Noise? 

Noise is an initiative of National Arts Council, dedicated to making Noise about the creative talent of young people aged 35 and below. Through numerous platforms to express, develop and showcase their creativity, Noise Singapore hopes to encourage youths in Singapore to actively participate and nurture their relationship with the arts, as well as get them spotted for their budding abilities. 
Classified under the genres of Art & Design and Music & Photography! Noise Singapore platforms include concerts at venues like the Esplanade that feature young musicians hungry for performing experience and exposure, exhibitions of varied scale that showcase the original artistic creations of young people, an online gallery, mentoring programs that link aspiring artists with top professionals in the industry, as well as workshops, talks and activities that focus on providing a fun experience of participating in the arts. 

 It's happening at Ion Orchard, Basement 4. From 16 Feb to 4 Mar, 10am to 9pm daily! The art pieces are really interesting, just read more below to find out why...

The glass next to the entrance of the exhibition! 

Upon entering, you would be overwhelmed with lotsa art pieces, via themes, series and individual ones! And I'd say the one below is a mix! 

Don't you think the fox look so pretty? Maybe except for the drooping whiskers, bleah. 

Now what's most intriguing I found in the exhibition is the pic below! Can you guess what is it? No, don't tell me something so superficial like e.g. it's a sushi. If you look close enough, it's actually a rice grain. Yes, grain. How freaking amazing is this??? 

Grain - the World's Smallest Sushi seeks to show that fulfillment can be found in humility and simplicity. #QuoteOfTheDay 

Grains of Sushi(s) being measured! Who would have thought of measuring their food??

I actually do wonder if those fishes and shrimp are actually the ones we keep in our tanks! Guppy-sized. I'd like to try doing it at home, but it'd be so cruel to kill them. No?

The [Open Categories] art pieces on the glass panels! It looks a little messy as a whole, but when you zoom in and focus on the art pieces individually, it's really quite impressive. I actually felt like the art pieces were feeding the emotions which the artists went through while painting them, like emptiness, loneliness, fear and confusion. 

And of course, not all are negative feelings!

And this could really top my list of favorites yesterday! Look closely, you'd find the sceneries familiar. It's Chinatown, at Kreta Ayer Square a.k.a Ah Gongs' favorite hangout! The Ah Gongs play chess there during the day with their friends, spend time chit-chatting, playing with their caged birds, and some of the homeless ones spend their day and night there. It's more towards the heritage side of Singapore if you don't already know. It's right outside Chinatown Complex, the large market place where our Mothers and Grandmothers buy their cutleries, and sometimes, their Cheongsams. I love Chinatown, you have - no - idea. I was so impressed by this series of art pieces. 

I thought the artist, Clarence Lam, portrayed the other side of Singapore very well. He painted truths. In the majority's eyes, Singapore's an expanding and bustling city, where the economy is doing very well. Everyone's getting ends meet, the rich getting richer, and almost no signs of beggars in the city. But nobody except the few of us knew that there are actually people who are homeless, and have no where to bunk in at night. They have either no families, or have been abandoned. So if you look closely at the art pieces, you'd see his captions as "Spouseless Retirees" etc. If you think these scenes are being made up, go take a trip down to Chinatown's Kreta Ayer Square and have a look yourself! 

Anyway, moving on to portraits... closed up ones! PS. I'm sorry for the top left hand portrait, the spotlight was too strong :(

I love the freckles! It reminds me of Lindsay Lohan's! 

And ta-dahh! Silas the sloth! Hahaha just kidding, I love you Silas! :p

More [Open Categories] art pieces… With the uncle at the background. Hahahaha

Now you see him…

Now you don't'! 

Monitor screens with moving portraits! 

TA-DUM-DUM! So proud of you Silas!!!! I love you x10000

And not to mention, Shonn! 

Oooh… Shopping available at the exhibition too????!!


Two! (Mini figurines) 


A showcase of the Noise Singapore's winner's, Daniel Yu, in Art & Design! You can read more on his blog,!  



His figurines! Which I thought they looked pretty life-like *shudders*


And another winner, Jaime Wong, in Music! You can find more at


And one more winner, Ang Song Nian, in Photography!





Nah! Daniel Yu's figurines for you! 


Arty-farty booklets on one of the tables for public browsing!








Here's the Board of Smiles!! They say, "If you don't smile, I'll give you one of mine." How sweet is that?!


Here's me posing with the smile I picked!



I flipped to the other side of it and here's what it said…


Sea-dinosaur, Y U SHO CUTE?!



Art banners! 




Arts & Craft section! All materials provided too! Yummeh!


The completed ones would be hung on this board! The A4 sized totes are GENEROUSLY sponsored by Muji ok? Not cheap at all! And totally recyclable! Love those bags, love Muji! Ahhh!


Designing your own tote is a MUST do when you're down at the exhibition! Donna, Mae, Geck Geck and I had sooo much fun designing our own totes. I don't have the pics cause my camera died, so did my phone. SIGH! But you can check out the bags we designed out on their blogs as well! :D 


And if you're interested to go down for the exhibition, PLEASE - DO! It's so much fun, and a whole lotsa experience. Anddd, there's no cover charge to it. So family and friends, you're all invited! Noise Singapore Festival Showcase is open from 16 Feb to 4 March, 10am to 9pm daily! 


More events from Noise! 

1. TAP Night Party (5pm to 8pm) & Flea Market (1pm to 8pm) is happening on 18 Feb! Venue's at Goodman Arts Centre Amphitheatre. They have lined up a string of music performances, 

  • 5pm: Monster Cat
Monster Cat takes its name from the 'Bakeneko', a cat with supernatural abilities in Japanese folklore. The folk-rock band is inspired by this sense of the supernatural and the fascinating ambiguity of this relationship between creature and owner.

  • 530pm: Rachael Teo
One half of acoustic band Cove Red, Rachael Teo is an acoustic/ folk singer-songwriter who writes heartfelt songs, in the hope of healing wounds and restoring dreams.

  • 6pm: Shigga Shay
Pek Jin Shen, a.k.a Shigga Shay, is a rap artst, music producer and song writer.

  • 630pm: Zahidah 
Winner of 98.7FM's The Next Big Things competition, Zahidah is a storyteller who writes about the unspoken stories of the people she met!

  • 7pm: For This Cycle & Travel Tales 
Performing under the moniker "For This Cycle", Weiwen is set to captivate with his unique blend of acoustic-guitar driven pop rock songs. Travel Tales is singer-song Ze Wen Seah,                                         whose acoustic pop tunes is inspired by the experiences he has gained through living in different cultures.  

2. Make Some Noise is happening on 2 Mar to 4 Mar, at Esplanade Outdoor Theatre & Concourse! Go catch some of Singapore's latest up and coming bands and singer-songwriters at this 3-day concert series and walk away inspired!

For more information on Noise Singapore, you can find out more on or check them out on their Facebook page! 


And their Twitter!


Thank you for reading and sharing my experience at Noise Singapore Festival Showcase! I'm sure you would enjoy yourself at the gallery too! :D 

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