Monday, January 30, 2012


Beautiful surprises, literally! I was pleasantly surprised when I received this Smartpac in the mail. Ripped it open to find a pretty pink/red and white box from VanityTrove. Was really impressed by the packaging – it was machine-sealed, and the box was hard and sturdy, with a pull out drawer.

Baileys posing seductively with the box. She wants to feel beautiful too ;)

Pull out drawer with a ribbon tab. The contents wrapped in a pretty pink tissue.

And a note :)

And here are the contents of the trove. They even put a "bedding" below the products, too pretty!

1) Leaders Clinic 2-Step Premium Aquaxyl Filler Mask for enhanced hydration and skin regeneration.
Contains both a mask and a sachet of ampoule. Usually masks just contain... a paper mask but this one has an additional step for a more thorough facial regime. 

2) Olivella Olive Shampoo and Conditioner. 
Really excited to try this! Cause my hair is really fine and scanty, and olive oil does help in hair growth, doesn't it?

3) Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Cream-Gel
Heard quite a bit about this highly-raved product. Definitely bringing this with me to London to hydrate my face.

4) YADAH Angel Lip/cheek tint.
Giving Benetint a run for its money. My Benetint is finishing, and this came just at the right time! Moreover, it's not artificial coloring – this colour of this tint comes from red tomatoes and gromwell flowers.

5) YADAH skincare set consisting of a mask pack, nose pack, creams, ampoules...

Emulsions and their matching toners. 

Look at the adorable graphics! YADAH, from Korea, is one of the newer brands that have joined VanityTrove, and I'm lovin' their packaging<3

All these items are miniture/tester sized, which is great because 
a) You can test the products first before you decide that you like it and want to purchase them in their original size.
b) You can bring the products when you're traveling – small in size, extremely convenient to slip into your cosmetic pouch!

Just an example of what you can expect in a trove. I spot Crabtree & Evelyn's hand therapy and Marc Jacob's Lola!

The VanityTrove makes a great gift too. For a monthly subscription fee of only $25, or $300 for 13 months, you will get the Trove delivered to your doorstep on the 15th of each month. And of course, the contents are different each month, so you can try them all and decide which you like best!

Guys, if you have no clue on what to buy for your girls this Valentine's Day, I'd say a year's subscription would be perfect. Then she'd have a surprise on every month of the year :) 
Actually, it'd make a great gift for any occasion, and you don't have to sign up for a years subscription if you've got a budget.

Simply sign up for an account on to pay for your subscription fee

My friend bought a year's subscription of Torque magazine for her boyfriend and I thought that was such a clever present. I'd love to receive subscriptions, cause that'd mean I'll get a present every month^^

Make your purchase now so that it'll arrive in time for Valentine's Day :) You can find out more on their Facebook. Follow them on Twitter to find out what they have in store for Valentine's Day too. 
Happy Surprising!

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