Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This was my December

It's been awhile since I've posted a proper blog post, so now I'm making the most of the free time I have to blog :B My days are crazyyy. This is my weekly schedule:

Mon-Fri, editorial intern from 830am - 6pm.
Wed-Fri, "model" (sales assistant lor pls) at A&F from 7pm-11pm
Saturday, "model" (I don't consider myself a model) for Dressabelle from 10am-1230pm

I refuse to work during the weekends cause evidently, I need a break. And I'm very thankful (not sure if this is the right choice of word to use) that I only have 5 stories, instead of 8 for the March issue of Simply Her, the last issue I'll be writing for CAUSE I END INTERNSHIP IN EXACTLY A MONTH FYEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

So many plans for post-internship. #1, cry and go crazy errdayyyyy. #2, embark on that trip to London. #3, quit my job in A&F (should I?:/ I haven't even used my staff disc card in America yet!) and foster dogs/work at K9 Kulture Daycare

Before I get too excited, lets rewind to December...

Michelle's birthday! I thought this scratch map was so apt for a wanderlust like her :D

Card by Dah

Concorde Hotel

Oh the red moon thing!

Cake surprised which failed. Sighhh. Was hilarious though.

Us hiding out in the toilet while the housekeeping came to attend to our spoilt tv or sth.

En route to ZoukOut! My first ZoukOut. Almost cried cause reception was so shit and I waited >half an hour for Silas to get me. Couldn't make calls and I was surrounded by dodgy pinoys selling fake tickets.

Only photos from the night:( I wouldn't go back though. Too messy, kept losing everyone

So cute!!!! Silas and Baileys<3

The night when we tucked Baileys into bed and headed to Zouk. Poor girl had to be alone haha<3

So gorgeous it's unfair:<

Funny how Jac is the only non-blur one. @ Poptart!


My new (old) fav clutch. Such an amazing clubbing clutch I don't know why I only just started using it.

Christmas cupcakes I baked for the Love Bonito girls to say "thank you!" :)

Gift exchange between me, Dy and Mich:)


LOVE THIS! Thank you Mandy!!!!<3 Can't wait to bake some Parisian macarons

From Michelle

Who knows me too well. YAY Hello Kitty X-mini!

My gift to the STC girls. I stayed up 3 nights to prepare it ok! Hot cocoa mix:)

Kailyn and Wani


Lorraine and Muna

Rae Gwen Evel Birdy Wani <3

Hammy so QT!!

Ahahaha so cute Hamz

LOL @ Grace AKA Cleo Runway Winner.

Xmas eve family dinner:

My fav! Too cute.

Grandpa lookin' good at 89.

Ahh so cute so cute

Xmas gathering at Regent hotel. They bumped us up to the Ambassador's Suite!

Gen, Sheila

Omnommm sambal udang petai by Daddy. Just had Mulligatawny soup for dinner. 
Perks of being Eurasian and Peranakan.

Yay! Can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for me. But for now, back to work...

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