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I'm sure many of you are worrying about university admissions like I am. For most of us, it is the FINAL step in our education, so it is vital to make an informed choice! Most uni admissions close at the end of July, so I've got to apply right after my internship ends. Being the paranoid worrywart that I am, I attended the Singapore Institute of Technology(SIT) open house held on the 14th (and 15th) January to check out what they have in store for me.

#1 University of Glasgow. Offering Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Systems, Mechanical Design Engineering and Mechatronics. The place to be for Poly students who come from Engineering backgrounds. 
:O 7 nobel prize winners were University of Glasgow graduates. Impressive!

#2 DigiPen Institute of Technology, Singapore. Offering Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation and Game Design, and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art and Animation. For students interested in animations of course. My cousin Lendrix intends to study gaming in Poly, but my aunt is worried that he might graduate and have no future – will definitely let her know about DigiPen, she'd probably change her mind after that!


And figurines that I will never have the ability to design though I studied art for 10 years. So amazing, look at all the intricate details!

#3 The Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Offering Bachelor of Professional Studies in Culinary Arts Management. The school I'm MOST interested in. I love food – both cooking and eating (evidently. look at my masterpieces *shameless*)

I aspire to open a cafe in the future, so I do need more work in the aspect of cooking. The course by CIA will teach you more than just nutrition and how to cook. You also learn about revenue management and marketing in the food and hospitality industry. Something extremely crucial in the F&B line (or your business might be a flop!) Some of the modules include wine studies, restaurant cooking and psychology of human behavior. I like how they expand to touch on marketing, business and even psychology, unlike other cooking schools. 

#4 The Glasgow School of Art. Offering Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Communication Design and Interior Design. I've always had a strong interest in art, but never found myself good enough for an arts school. But to the lucky few who have a flair for art, this is the course for you! 

#5 "Technische Universitat Munchen"(yes you guessed it, a German school) German Institute of Science and Technology (TUM). Offering Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering & Information Technology. Another university for engineering students. The TUM winning a whopping 13 Nobel Laureates!

#6 Trinity College Dublin (photo unavailable, as it is NEW to SIT!)

#7 University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Offering Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration.
If I had done a hospitality diploma in Poly, I'd further my studies at UNLV for sure because it is a highly recognized hospitality University. 

And an overseas immersion programme in the amazing, AMAZING Las Vegas, amidst gorgeous hotels would make such a great experience :'))))))

#8 The University of Manchester. Offering Bachelor of Science with Honours in Nursing Practice. The uni that Sean is studying in, in Manchester, except that at SIT, they only have the nursing course currently. With local unis providing common, not-so-specialised courses, budding nurses can further their studies here instead, especially since we're constantly in need of workers in our healthcare sector.

#8 Wheelock College. Offering Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education. Many of the ECE (Early Childhood Education) students, especially those from my school have no where to go to after they graduate, and are "forced" to start working. Now they can further their studies on Early Childhood Education at Wheelock College!

#9 Newcastle University. Offering the most number of courses in SIT – Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Marine Engineering/Naval Architecture/Offshore Engineering, Bachelor of Science with Honours in Food & Human Nutrition.

Go hands-on at the Engineering courses!

And of course, how could I forget the friendly, patient staff of SIT who were more than willing to help!

With this, I hope you've found a course or two that might interest you:) To those who are not graduating just yet, hope this was informative and helped you in choosing your education path. And those, like me, who are graduating, congrats and all the best in your uni applications! ;)

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