Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Last Man Standing

I'm sure many of you have come across #LastManStanding tags while scrolling through twitter. And if you've been wondering what it was all about, wonder no more! Introducing to you...the Last Man Standing machine!!!

Okay it's not called a Last Man Standing machine la but everyone who steps up to play should aim to be the #LastManStanding. This was made possible by Breathe.sg/Health Promotion Board, who aims to raise awareness against binge drinking.

Hayley, Sze Li and myself.

Hayley, Sze Li and myself with *~the machine~*

Hayley was up first. She told me she wasn't a fan of clubbing/drinking, so it's pretty clear that she'll always be the #LastManStanding, wherever the party!

Sze Li's turn!

And my turn! Had to get a photo with the machine first:D I love how they named the stages "Drunkensteined", "Giddy Guzzler", "Ditzy Babbler", "Tickled Pickled" and of course, "Last Man Standing".

Pretty pink breathalyser.

Waiting for the results...

LAST MAN STANDING(as you can see it's being lighted up), again!! Yes, again. I tried this machine a few weeks ago at zouk, after taking 2 shots of sour plum and I was still #LastManStanding! Hey, I might drink but I do know my limits okay;)

Won a Cathay Movie Pass this time! Previously, I won a Playnation voucher and Sheila won a Starbucks Gift Card *.*

A proud #LastManStanding filling up her particulars.

Very happy with my winnings. It pays to be sober!

Interview on my thoughts of the event.

Thinking of what to say haha

Hayley was a natural! She didn't have to take time to think, she just went on and on, on film (Y)

Queue started to form. Judging from how they walked and talked, I could already predict some of their results tsk tsk.

After finding out the verdict, you can proceed to this board to check out your blood alcohol level.

Last Man Standing: 0% - 0.019% (perfect!)
Tickled Pickled: 0.02% - 0.059%
Ditzy Babbler: 0.04% - 0.059%
Giddy Guzzler: 0.06% - 0.079%
Drunkensteind: 0.08% and above (what you should NEVER EVER be getting)

As I said, it does pay to be sober! The prizes for Last Man Standing include:
- A pair of Cathay Cinema Movie Tickets
- $20 Starbucks gift card
- $10 Playnation voucher
- $10 SuperBowl Vouchers

Also, Last Man Standing winners got to participate in a lucky draw to stand a chance to win a trip for 4 to Bali. The draw happened yesterday and the winner was Shuwen Teng – congrats on staying sober!

But jokes and fancy shmancy goodies aside, binge drinking is really bad for you – both your health and your image.

You put on a pretty dress, spend hours doing your hair and makeup only to find it ruined before the end of the night because you had one too many drinks, and was rolling & puking all over the place. What's the point?! I've heard too many drunk horror stories:
- Falling face flat into bushes (and end up with mud, insects and scratches on your face)
- Puking all over the cab and having to pay $60 for the taxi driver to clean up (eh now taxi fare increase, maybe they'll charge $80 instead of $60 for puking in cabs)
- Losing your valuables/entire bag
- Getting lost and left alone in the club after it closes (oh the horror!)
- And of course, the most common of all, waking up with an awful hangover, and puking non-stop (I know of someone who puked 11 times all through the night, till the next morning. What a pain to look after!)

So kids, drink responsibly. Think about your image, your health and your friends, who'd probably have to look after you if you're drunk. Don't ruin their night or yours when you're supposed to have fun at parties.

Ending off this post with a photo of fresh-faced us, without a drip of alcohol in our bloods^^ Remember, when you go for a party, always aim to be the #LastManStanding!

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