Monday, January 16, 2012

2 weeks into the new year and I've got more 2011 photos to share! Haha #laggard. So so happy that internship is ending in less than 3 weeks. Michelle and I just booked our hotels, tours, and train tickets between London/Paris so we've pretty much settled everything, can't wait! Gotta settle the mess in the house – if you follow me on twitter/instagram you'll know that my mom just built a walk in wardrobe with one of the rooms :D Will take photos once it's neater.
Anw, a huge rojak of photos below!

Lovin' this Dressabelle lace dress!

WHY life so unfair?!  
I am hidden. Red faced and laughing behind Silas. JW looks hilarious here btw -Oh well face-  
The girls:)
and again! 

Tryna make Silas a bear  

And when I was asleep, Narpal decides to break into my BRAND NEW LoveBonito dress. >:(  
Filter on NYE, with CLEO RUNWAY WINNER GRACE LEONG whoaaaa so can  
one too many champagnes...  
:) Photos by Steffi, Nicole and Freda

Finally something current: MYCA 2012 (Media Youth Choice Awards) organised by Ngee Ann Poly (so proud of you guys, Dy and Dah!)

Miss Anita Kuan, director of FMS. The most ADORABLE "principal" anyone can ask for

Irene Ang

NAT HO omg. Was so starstrucked I looked like a deer in headlights:( He's too cute. But he doesn't remember me from the time Iffah introduced me to him. I CRYYYYY :'(

*Hyperventilates* Nat won the cutest male celeb i wanna take home (or somewhere along those lines)


<3<3<3<3<3<3 x ∞

Stayed for a really short while after just cause we had free zouk entry after that. Pity, am not a fan of Emma Hewitt or Trouse Brothers. Met Sheena, Mae and Jiaqi!

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