Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm back!

I feel so bad for neglecting this space!:( Told myself I would't blog till I have submitted all my articles but caved in :S Shall make this snappy. 8 articles within such a tight deadline is insane!!?!?!?!  On a lighter note, I found really interesting stuff while doing Feb's fashion news, shall share about that soon. Doing the herb garden story has also inspired me to grow my own rosemary, can't wait to start on that ^^ Now I have 5 tablets on hand, waiting for me to review. Goodbye, my weekends!

uh-may-zingly fresh and juicy vongole from Peperoni's! Order this if you happen to be there!


Happy 2nd anniversary! Celebrated by having dinner at Privé. Food was soooo good.
(Kind heartedly) Loaned my colleague my camera so I was left with my iPhone cam:(

Usually I hate bread but in restaurants, I eat them non-stop. Especially when there's smooth butter, olive oil and balsamic vinegar<3

So perfect!

Starter, strawberry with pancakes of some sort. (Ok la my 4s quality quite good)

Silas competing with me to see whose foie gras photo was nicer. Mine's the first, his is the second. But mine's without editing, au naturale ok!!! That aside, foie gras was bloody good. Better than Antoinette but half the size:(

My cod, so tender.

I quote Silas: "The only steak that tastes better than mine." 

And my gift<3 

Gotta collect 'em all!

Miss this boy already:( Had a sleepover with him at Grandma's :B

Casual Saturdays.

Does anyone else remember eating this as a kid?!?! Their only (i think?) outlet is at Suntec's Swensens. It's frozen yogurt blended with fresh frozen fruits. So much tastier and healthier than all other froyos. And it costs only $3.20 for this much!

Blackcurrant cake and chocolate macarons! The former was soooo good but the latter turned hard after a few hours:( I thought I did such a good job piping though.


Okay back to writing my 2 articles. Good weekend guys!<3

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