Sunday, December 11, 2011


Welcome to Gushcloud. The 21st century advertising platform that lets you reward and be rewarded! 
Why? You may ask. Well, in a nutshell (hey, that rhymes!), gushers who gush about your advertisement will earn $$$, and as an advertiser, you get your word out to the masses. 

Win-win situation :D

Your first step to becoming a gusher is to sign in either via FB or Twitter.

Edit your profile and list down all your social media accounts to increase your Gushscore.

Gushscore=Level of influence! It lets you earn more money in the long run. Read on to find out how...

KACHING KACHINGGGG$$ *Prays for good US to SGD exchange rate lol*

There are three types of clouds, which I will introduce to you below:

1) Monetary/Cash reward. Gush something to earn anything from 5cents and up:) 

2) Freebies. Gush to get free tickets to movies and more recently, ZoukOut! Sometimes you have to complete a task (like a blog post) to get the free tickets. But it's all well worth the time ;)

3) (I'd like to call it) Karma Points. Gush to grant a favor to people who do not have fundings within their cloud. Come on, have a heart :)

Creating a cloud:

If you're a blogshop owner/shop owner/entrepreneur, this one's for you. Simply advertise by clicking "Create Gush Cloud", then choosing the type of cloud.

Let's say I wanna promote my blog on Gushcloud. I select my preferences, write my description...

Choose if I want to offer a monetary reward or not. This really depends on your budget. If you have $10 to spare, and you want to pay each Gusher 10cents, 100 Gushers will be able to gush before your account balance runs out. 

Choose your target Gushers! This is where your Gushscore comes in. Advertisers would naturally want to choose Gushers with a higher Gushscore cause they are the ones (with more twitter followers, more fb friends, more blog readers etc...) who will be able to spread the word to a larger number of people.

These people here are the more "influential" bunch. The numbers in brackets are their Gushscores! So basically, higher Gushscore = more influence = more advertisers "approaching" you = more clouds to gush = more money!

You can also add tags into your profile so advertisers can find you when they narrow down their searches. My profile would probably appeal to perhaps... Speedo, if they want to introduce their new line of goggles hahaha (Yes I really do love swimming). 

This Christmas...

Spread the love, share the joy! Click the words in the red box...

Here, you can create a pre-made cloud.

And for the first time, YOU CAN HAZ YOUR OWN CLOUD PAGE :D With your own URL!

These are the default texts, photo and background. 

Noticed that I changed the text?

The final product! Basically this new feature lets you create your own cloud page to refer your friends and family to Gushcloud. Good things are meant to be shared after all, right? 
Share the URL with your friends. Everytime they click it and join Gushcloud, both your friend and you will earn 10cents, no gimmicks, it's just that simple!

"Like" Gushcloud on Facebook to learn about new clouds. Remember, clouds run out fast so be sure to keep up with new clouds and gush them! Nawhhh, come on, you wouldn't wanna miss that 50cent cloud do ya ;)

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