Saturday, December 31, 2011


It's been awhile, I know. And yes, I've been really busy:( I can't wait for internship to end (in a month) so I can go hardcore on blogging, baking and cooking. Looking forward to next year and hoping that it'll be an exciting one:D

But while we are still in the last few hours of 2011, why not make your last online purchase (or first purchase of 2012) at DirtyBling to usher in the New Year. They've got a wide variety of clothes, as well as shoes, for you to choose from, no matter what the occasion.

Fell in love with the tribal prints on this pullover! I wore it as a sweater for Christmas and received many compliments about it (being Christmassy haha). Kept me all warm and fuzzy during the rainy season. The cutting of the neckline is wide, so it's meant to be worn off-shoulder, which is a nice twist to an ordinary sweater. At first I thought of getting this for my London trip, but it seems like I'll be wearing this a lot in Singapore instead because it's quite thin – just nice for our weather!

I really like the material of this utilitarian dresses – smooth and structured – and it's just the right length for me! I guess with such a conservative cut at the top, it won't hurt for the hem to be shorter would it ;) You can also play around with the sleeves – wear it down or cuff it up! The cute pocket adds to the utilitarian factor too :D  

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