Saturday, November 19, 2011

Snip Avenue

Made my monthly trip to Snip Avenue again :) Initially, I wanted to do a volume rebond but later decided against it when I realized that I soft rebonded my hair not long ago! Remember if you put even more chemicals into your hair, it's texture will worsen and no amount of treatment can salvage it. So try not to dye/perm/straighten your hair too often! Treatment is encouraged though, which is why I go for regular treatments:) This time, I did a hair repair treatment and a haircut.

Eurghhh look at my crappy hair ends >:(

My hairstylist was super friendly!

Haha she told me that I looked like a ter***ist and asked me to snap a pic.

And while I was at it... NAILS:D Wah one person doing my hair, one person doing my nails. Felt like a ~*princess*~

Very thoroughly rubbing the ampoules onto my roots. Yay to healthier hair!

And she poses for a picture! So cute:)

I love how she blew the ends of my hair inwards! I can never do that on my own:(

Proceeded to do the rest of my nails. This is the Bt Batok outlet's new facility - the nail section!

A hint on what I ended up getting on my nails...

The variety of nail colors! OPI and Orly:)

TAHDAHHHH! Was in a glittery mood:>

Looked like the scales on a mermaid

These were the products I used - hair repair treatment (Fine Tia) and Loreal Aminexil Scalp Ampoule for scalp.

Loreal ampoule to keep my scalp healthy!

Happy, healthy hair! 

Visit Snip Avenue for affordable hair services. The outlet I went to was the one at Bt Batok (they just opened their new nail area) but there are many more around the neighborhood, so go check out where they are located:)

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  1. Hey Collette!

    How much did you pay for the treatment? Hougang has a snip avenue as well but they don't do treatment leh!! No nails section as well!! However, dyou think Essentuals are good? :)