Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rejoice! Finally got a chance to pick up my laptop from my gramps place:) It really pains me to see how my grandma gets so worried about me when my mom stays over and no one is home to take care of me (when in fact, there's Silas. So thankful<3) or whenever I return to my gramps' place late if I stay over. She'd worriedly tell me "if anyone knock don't open the door okay? Make sure you off the gas from the stove. Must take care of yourself okay?"with tears in her eyes. So sad, can't seem to reassure her that Silas is taking care of me and I'll be okay. I really love my grandparents so much and I want to get a tattoo which reminds me of them<3

Ok enough with the emo talk. Food porn for you, feast your eyes!

Buffet at Irodori with the Barnett group+friends:

Super yummy cold green tea tofu! I love green tea tofu but it's so hard to find. My mom used to cook it in soup for me. Now I can only seem to find it at Carrefour.

Teapot soup, yummyyyy!

Irodori roll! Really good, even though I don't really like roe. 

Annabel lookin' amazing as ever. Don't know how she does it. 

Fai looking like a munkey here.

Wah way act yi ge clubbing photo. 

Chef Du Jours - Silas and I, with our specialty mushroom soup and steak.

Portobellos so fat n yummy!

TADAH! Sooooo good<3 Really solid, and comparable to the one at Lawry's. Though Silas thinks ours is nicer. 


Salted Caramel with Silas, Sheila and JY. I love the chocolate sorbet and avocado!


My best friend from primary school (and her sister) bakes really yummy cookies and sells them on her website, CookieCourier! CookieCourier has been around since 2008 and they cater to offering tasty pastries and cookies during the festive season to their friends and relatives. This small venture is a stepping stone for their big dream to open their very own cookie shop someday! 

She gave me 3 packets to sample - chocolate chip shortbread cookies (best seller), assorted shapes buttered shortbread (available in customized shapes and alphabets) and  cranberry shortbread cookies (for the health conscious!) in 100g packs.  

Presenting their new product line... Christmas Shortbread Cookies!

Christmas is the perfect season to be jolly and get snuggly with your family and what better way to feel the warmth of Christmas than with some shortbread? Shortbread, often viewed as the best companion with tea or as a simple afternoon snack gives a great sense of satisfaction in quality. It even makes an awesome Christmas gift for friends and relatives!

Pooh bear:)

Super moist and crumbly!

Layers of crisp. 

The line of Shortbread cookies mainly include round-shaped cookies in the following flavors: Cranberry, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip+Nuts or Plain Buttered. These shortbread and lovingly handmade with icing sugar, butter and flour - a simple but delicious cookie biscuit with no pork or lard used in its preparation. 

For cookies with shapes, there's the plain buttered shortbread cookies in assorted shapes and alphabets (upon request) or Disney themed shapes (Winnie and Tigger). Customisation is also available upon request! Apparently someone ordered Hello Kitty shaped cookies, pretty!

Brought them to work and Jeanette couldn't stop exclaiming about how yummy it was. "Omg it's damn nice!" after 5 mins... "really damn nice eh!" and she almost finished the entire packet of cranberry ones haha. Being a chocoholic, my favorite was the chocolate chip one! The dough was really crispy, and so were the chocolate chips. I like to be able to bite into the little chips:) All in all, the cookies had a nice bite to it. 

Christmas is round the corner, so why not place your orders with Cookie Courier:) Quote XMASWCOLLETTE to enjoy $1 off your purchase! 

For more info, head down to 
or email for enquiries.

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