Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hullo-Ween 2011

Wow it felt like it was just last month that I was Minnie Mouse for Halloween. Time, you never fail to shock me. Honestly, I wasn't prepared for this years halloween either. I knew I had a standby halloween costume, but I just couldn't remember what it was!? Only after I changed into my so-called tiger lily/red indian girl costume, I remembered - I'VE GOT COUPLE YUKATAS. Whichhhh Silas refused to use cause he complained that it was hot -_-

This year it was halloween cum Jackson's birthday celebration at his condo's function room. Everyone was pretty much... either mismatched or not dressed. Except for this guy who came in a zebra costume, like, literally a head-to-toe one piece zebra costume. I couldn't stop laughing to myself whenever I glanced at him, he looked really funny (in a good way). And then there was Eka, who never fails to impress us with his costumes every year. Gotta give it to him. He came in a priest outfit complete with a crystal holy communion jar with holy communion cookies. 

"Blessing the village girl" HAHA

You see what I mean by mismatched? hahaha

Silas was a walking example of "mismatched".


Emma so prettyyyy

Jackson just looks like himself - an ahbeng.

HAHA beer god.

I don't even...

Magical communion.

Let me tell you a secret: I've had and worn my poncho and skirt since/when I was 9. Yes I can still fit into them... I don't know what to think/feel haha. 

Randomly adding these touristy photos in cause they're really out of place in my camera. The day I got my 4s:D :

Ok Jakarta photos soon! Till thennnn~~

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