Sunday, November 20, 2011


I had my first ever Dressabelle shoot yesterday at their cozy studio, with the company of a yummy bag of fries and my favorite green tea to sustain me through the shoot. Haha ok I think I made the shoot sound torturous but it wasn't even the least bit painful! The Dressabelle team worked really swiftly and I tried my very best to pair each outfit with one pair, out of five pairs of heels and a ton of accessories. 

The collection made me in the mood for Christmas cause there were so many red and green outfits of different shades! I recommend buying a dress or two from this collection for Christmas! Love their shade of blue!

I absolutely adore the intricate pleat details and gold exposed zipper. I'm also really proud of how the shoes match sooooo well -beams-. The brown oxfords with the red dress and snakeskin heels with the green dress <3 Plus the colors are so Christmassy!

Lovin' this shade of green and the details at the waist. Something corporate but not boring!

Forget the last minute Christmas shopping. Get your Christmas outfit from this collection, filled with festive colors! The best part? You can wear them on normal days too, not just for Christmas! So shop Dressabelle's Fashion Frolic collection now :)


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