Monday, January 9, 2012

Chapter 32: Glass Trick

Received what seem like an invitation to a ball – a very creative one at that! It's actually the invite to Majolica Majorca's Press Event at Shiseido's office! Look at the 3D castle and banner mounted on a little tray. The invitation “card” did give me a few hints as to what the launch was about. I expected it to be…Cinderella-like, because of the castle, and yes I was right!

Hmm what is behind this door? ;)

Went to our "castle" aka given location haha and waited for Felicia to unveil the surprise... 

TA-DAH!!!!! A Cinderella-blue room, painstakingly decorated by the MJ girls who stayed up till 4am the previous night to make this possible. As usual, every MJ launch is a partayyyyyy. See the pretty cake stand and setup? As you can see there are glass ornaments hanging out of a vase as the centerpiece to suit the theme of this MJ collection – Glass Trick!

Introducing Chapter 32: Glass Trick! Inspired by Cinderella's glass slippers :)

Hand cream on the top tier, mascara on the middle tier and lip gloss on the bottom! :D

Limited edition press kit, so pretty!


and food. The two things that make a girl happy! Before I knew it, I was stuffing my face and the other bloggers were laughing at me haha:(

Felicia introducing to us the new products from Chapter 32, and now, allow me to share them with you:

Honey Plump Gloss Neo in Frozen Pink with Pearls (22) and Milky Beige with Pearls (BE 133) ($12.90 each)--> Sounds like bubble tea!

This contains acacia honey, royal jelly extract and beeswax to keep your lips moist and nourished. Plus point: it has a slant cut tube to make application easier. 

My favorite product in this chapter! The limited edition Dress Glove Cream ($10.50) glitters and has the scent of the Majoromantica, which contains raspberry and rose extract. Smoothens and moistens the skin without any stickiness.

Lash Beautifying Frame Plus in limited edition blue ($25.90). Don't worry, this one doesn't come out as getai-blue. It's actually a bluish-black color that makes your eyes appear bigger cause the blue color makes the eye-whites pop. The jet black fibres in this mascara helps to lengthens lashes by 150%

Glass Drop Gel Coat ($14.50) and Artistic Nails in limited edition natural pink ($7.20) as seen on the left of this photo. The Glass Drop Gel Coat is a top coat for your nails. What sets this apart from other top coats is that it is thicker than usual and glossy like gel. The Artistic Nails polish makes your nails shine like freshwater pearls with its natural pink colour. 

These items will be out at selected Watsons stores from 17th November - in time for Christmas! These will make great Christmas gifts for yourself or your girlfriends. There will also be a limited edition pack set available, consisting of a limited edition mascara($25.90) and an MJ pouch that comes in 3 variants! Be sure to head down to a Watsons store near you on the 17th November to check these goodies out!