Sunday, October 30, 2011

Welcome, welcome to my new blog!

I'm just gonna regurgitate all my overdue photos here cause 
I don't wanna put them to waste ie: do nothing with the photos I've taken.

Work schtuff. Team lunches and my wonderful colleagues. I really love my job!:')

I still miss Rachel:( No one to talk to bout work anymore.

Topshop event. Photos were bad so... I won't bother.

Visiting Mr Brown! He just learnt how to "pray", but he's so fat that
 he fell backwards when he was showing off his new trick. 

Fav people I grew up with! I miss going on holidays with Bernard (right), so we've kinda planned an Orlando - NY - Vegas trip in 2013.

Sam sleeps over at Grandma's and walks around with his blankie on his ass :)

Vivian working the runway. I still rmb the day we "scouted" her. She had long straight hair with bangs, look how far she's come now :')

New Face 2011. Was so so so disappointed with the results. Really expected Cazmir and Shilpee (girl with fluffy hair above) to win. 

Silas' birthday treat to me at Shinjuku, we dragged mom long too:) The wagyu steak is to die for<3 Better than Lawry's even!

Baileys' day out! Poor girl puked on her way to Pasir Ris :(

Feng diao night at Soul: 


Lol at David! Haha he must be havin a great time in SG. 

Food tasting by SIA at SATS. Have I mentioned that I love my job?

Allow me to digress now...

Some 'house rules' : 
- I won't be doing anymore sidebar advertising, but I'm still open to doing advertorials:) Email me at for rates.

Okay... I think that's all the 'house rules' there is haha, besides the whole, no spamming on my comment board etc but I guess I can't stop low-life idiots from doing so. Constructive comments and questions posted on my comment board are most welcome:) I'd love to answer your queries!

PS: This blog is new, so expect teething problems like poor alignment, incorrect photo size etc. Please bear with me while I figure stuff out!

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